Ways to Get Hyped for Your Freshman Year of College!

Get hyped for you freshman year!

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It’s a thrilling moment to receive that acceptance letter, and equally thrilling to send word back that you’ve chosen to attend that particular school. You’re likely already excited to start on your journey, or perhaps you’re even a little nervous. Well, there’s a whole summer ahead, so here’s how you can get hyped for your freshman year!

Get Plenty of College “Gear”

I can’t even count the number of t-shirts, shoes, sweatshirts, pajama pants, mugs, cups, magnets, and other accessories I own that feature my college’s logo, mascots, or name! You never can have too much school spirit, after all. Even buying a t-shirt with your new school’s emblem can make you feel like part of the academic family before you ever even move in!

Visit the Campus Before the Start of Your Freshman Year

Now that you’re for sure going to attend, it doesn’t hurt to┬áhave a final campus visit. You’re going to be spending the next four years or so here, so familiarizing yourself with the layout of the campus is a great idea. You can get a summertime feel for the nearby shops, restaurants, student hangouts, and local charms while wandering around.

Engage on Social Media

Ours is a technological age. Just about every college nowadays has a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram account. Engaging on these platforms can give you a fun snapshot of what student life is like. You can peruse sports teams, student organizations, campus events, and news-worthy happenings from the comfort of your laptop.

Brush Up on Your Trivia

It’s fun to pull fun-facts out of your pocket. Plenty of friends, relatives, and peers will be asking you about your chosen school, so why not learn a little more about the histories and eccentricities about your school and wow them with some facts?

Learn the Fight Song

If you’re a college sports fan, you’ll likely have your school’s fight song memorized by heart by the time you graduate. It’s a great way to connect with your fellow students and cheer on whichever team is playing.

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