Get to Know Your College Campus Resources

College is a big change from high school. Some students may find it difficult being away from home for such a long time. Others may have difficulty making the adjustment to more demanding college academics. Still, others may experience difficulties because of their orientation, race, or socioeconomic background. Colleges understand this. They go out of their way to help students adjust so they can have a positive college experience. Getting to know your college campus resources will make it easier for you to get the help you need if you find yourself struggling with any aspect of college life.

Students sitting in a college library.

Technology and IT Services

IT and tech services are available for students who need help with any IT-related issue. This is your go-to resource if for troubleshooting any computer problem that you cannot resolve by yourself, from getting a password reset for campus e-mail, downloading the latest version of a college program, removing a virus or recovering files from a broken laptop.

Homework Help and Tutoring

Much like the IT and tech services, this resource may also be in the library or any computer lab. Some students may have been able to breeze through with ease in high school may present different academic obstacles and issues once enrolled in college. With this resource, you can find a tutor for any subject you find yourself struggling with, and homework help may be anywhere from a phone call or text message away. You may not even need to leave the comfort of your dorm room for this one. Many campuses now offer 24-hour tutoring and homework assistance via chat or instant messaging.

Campus Counseling

While almost every student can expect to take some time to adjust to this whole new college environment, for some students the move can be overwhelming. This is more pronounced in students who have existing mental health issues. Moving away from home and a familiar counselor can feel like an upheaval but you should know that you are not alone. At the campus counseling center, you will find counselors who are ready to offer you the support that you need. At campus counseling, you know you will get impartial, practical advice without being judged. Do not hesitate to use this resource if you need it. It can make a world of a difference to your whole college experience.

Women’s Centers

Most colleges today have women’s centers that provide assault counseling, mental health counseling, and other forms of assistance and mentorship for women. They may also offer women’s health screenings, birth control, and other female-specific resources to the students they help.

Services Available for LGBT+ Students

Many campus resource centers offer counseling and crisis prevention assistance to LGBT+ students. On some campuses, this may be a separate center, which provides counseling for those within the LGBT+ community. These services are open to everyone, and they are staffed by caring and compassionate individuals who want to help.

Campus Health Center

This resource offers doctor and nurse visits. In some rural campuses, they may even offer dental services. If you get hit with a bout of the flu or you’re simply feeling under the weather and cannot get off-campus to find somewhere for over-the-counter medication, the campus health center probably has what you need, and can provide it to you for free. They may also offer medical exams and emergency services.

Career Centers

Whether you are looking for a part-time job on or off-campus or you need help with zeroing in on a major, securing an internship, creating your resume, or practicing your interview skills, you will get all the help you need at the career center on campus. Don’t wait for last minute to get in touch with your campus career services office. Getting advice from experienced career counselors right at the start, can give you a tremendous advantage.

These are some of the major resources available on a majority of US college campuses. Every campus may offer a different set of resources and each one may operate differently too. Even if you do not think you need any of the resources on your college campus, it is a good idea to get familiar with that is available.

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