A Summer Checklist for Graduating Seniors

Here's a summer checklist of things to do before college starts.

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First off—Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school and all that stands between you and being a college freshman is summer. While you’ve definitely earned some fun in the sun and relaxation time, there’s still some college prep work to do during your break. That’s why we put together this summer checklist, to make sure you do everything you need to.

A Summertime Checklist for Soon-to-be-Freshmen

Checklist for High School:

Checklist for Summer Activities:

  • Take on a job to earn valuable experience and additional money
  • Take on an internship: it’s not a necessity, but can look great on a resume and give you an inside look into your future field of study
  • Hang out with your friends! Figure out ways to stay connected

Checklist for College Prep

  • Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships
  • Look into student loan options (remember: federal loans before private)
  • Connect with your school on social media
  • Look up school organizations / activities / sports you’d like to join
  • Browse courses and plan out your schedule
  • Look into move-in-day logistics
  • Pack! (But don’t over-pack)
  • Shop for dorm gear and school swag

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