Complete College Packing List

Here's our complete college packing list for your dorm

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It’s never too early to think about what you need to bring to college. If you have an idea of the supplies you will need you can start asking for them as gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduation, or whatever gift giving celebration you’re fortunate enough to celebrate. This list is meant to be general guidance on items college students typically use.

We’ll start with a list of things your dorm room will hopefully provide:

-Closet rack

Rarer, but possible items included:

-Medicine cabinet

The next list are things you will need to bring for yourself:

School Supplies:
-Printer, paper, ink (very optional–many schools give you an allotted amount of money to use printing at library and various buildings)
Student planner
-Index cards
-Post-it notes
-Laptop (your school will have provided computer labs and the library, but if you can afford your own laptop it could be a lifesaver)
-USB Drive

Room Supplies:
-Desk lamp
-Laundry basket or bag
-Shoe organizer
-Pillows and Cases

Dining Supplies:
-Microwave safe dish
-Microwave safe mug
-Chip clip

Personal Supplies:
-Cotton balls
-Contacts, solution, and case
-Face wash
-Nail clippers
-Ear plugs

Decorating Supplies:
-Bulletin board
-White board
-String lights
-Area rug
-Command strips

Bathroom Supplies:
-Bath towels
-Shower shoes
-Shower caddy

Miscellaneous Supplies:
-Weekend travel bag
-Gym bag
-Bike lock
-Duct tape

Items you and your roommate will want to discuss with over who brings what:

-Mini-fridge (many schools are now allowing a rental option for students throughout the school year)
-Futon or other seating
-Television (of course this is not necessary)
-Coffee maker (again, not a necessity, but oh so nice for 8 a.m. classes)
-Humidifier (save you from that nasty sore throat around winter finals)
-Cleaning wipes
-Trash bags (dorms often have these available to “check out” from the front desk)
-Air freshener
-Water filter

Happy packing!