What NOT To Do The Summer Before Your Freshman Year of College

You have one more summer before college! It’s an exciting time and you probably already have a to-do list, whether for school or for fun. However, there are a few things you should not do or forget to do this season.

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Don’t Slack Off But Don’t Work Too Hard Either

Summer is absolutely your free time. It would make sense you want to enjoy it before you head off to your first semester of college. And you’re free to do that! However, keep a balance. You don’t want to party hard the entire summer and not get anything done.

You’ll still want to be applying to scholarships during this time period and you should also research potential classes you want to take if you haven’t decided already. But remember to also take time for yourself. You may want to travel, take a trip with friends, or just use this time to enjoy the summer. This season is a chance for you to recharge, so take the time you need but don’t forget about responsibilities either.

Don’t Skip The Orientation

Almost all colleges have an orientation before you start your freshman year and some are mandatory. Required or not, you definitely want to attend this event. It gives you time to explore the school, learn where everything is, select your courses, eat at the dining halls, and maybe even sleep in the dorms. The orientation prepares you for what’s coming the next year and can also be a great opportunity to meet others and make friends.

Schedule your orientation for a time that works for you, but don’t just skip it because you’d rather sleep in at home. This is an important step to your freshman year and can help you become more comfortable at your new college.

Don’t Put Off Planning

There are a few things you’ll want to take care of during the summer like packing, moving, selecting an orientation date, and getting everything you need together for college (ID cards, dorm room selection, etc). Don’t put this off.

When it comes to deciding what to bring and packing, you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Start making a list now of the essentials and what you want to take along. You can always add to it or cross off items. Many freshmen make the mistake of packing too much or too little, so the extra period of time can give you a chance to think over the list. Pay attention to the move-in date so you’re ready to go.

Colleges also will request that you complete forms or other tasks, such as getting a college ID, selecting a dorm room, and scheduling the orientation date. Don’t put these off. If you wait to pick a day for orientation, you could be left with only dates that don’t work for you or your family. If you wait to select a dorm room, you probably won’t get the room or even campus location you wanted. Some colleges even run out of dorm rooms. You could be forced to live off-campus. There’s no harm in getting these out of the way as soon as possible.

The main thing about the upcoming summer before your freshman year of college is not slacking off. But, don’t work yourself to the bone either. Summer is a great time to relax, and it should be used for that, but don’t put off the things you need to complete. You could find yourself scrambling last minute if you do.

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