What NOT To Do The Summer Before Your Senior Year In High School

Here's what not to do the summer before senior year

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If there’s one thing you should NOT do the summer before your senior year in high school it is procrastinating on your college prep. The truth is you cannot afford to put it off any longer. Senior year of high school can get pretty hectic with only small windows of time to work on your college prep. The summer before your senior year is the only large chunk of free time you are going to get for a long time and you really must make the best use of this time.

In the spirit of non-procrastination, here are a few things you should not do the summer before your senior year of high school:

Don’t ignore your college prep research

Use the time to narrow down your shortlist of colleges and determine the eligibility requirements for each institution. The earlier you find out the requirements, the more time you have to work towards meeting them.

Don’t put off studying for your ACT/SAT

You have plenty of studying to do during your senior year adding your test prep to your academic workload will leave you feeling overwhelmed and at risk of getting burnt out. Use the summer to work on your ACT/SAT, or even take the test!

Don’t post tasteless things on social media

More and more colleges today are checking out applicants’ social media. Use this to your advantage by cleaning up your social media and using your accounts to show colleges a side of you that makes you an asset.

Don’t delay asking for a recommendation letter

Letter writers need time to compose a thoughtful recommendation that highlights your achievements, so if you can ask a teacher you know well for a recommendation over the summer, they’ll have the time they need to create something worthwhile.

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