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White envelopes, stamps, and a pen, with text overlayed that says "acceptance letter to move-in day: what happens in between?"
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Acceptance Letter to Move-In Day: What Happens In Between?

The college application process can seem like it takes forever. Everyone hangs around to give you advice and ask questions. Relatives get nosy and tensions can mount between friends. There’s a steady build-up of pressure from the time senior starts until you’ve completed all your applications. After you’ve finished them all, you’re left to play …
There are a couple ways to choose your college roommate.
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a College Roommate

After applying to multiple colleges, waiting for response letters, and finally accepting admission to the school you’re going to attend in the fall, you thought all the tough choices were over. Unfortunately, the big decisions are just beginning–the rest of your life will be full of them. But there is good news–most of the decisions you’ll …
How do LGBTQ students find the right colleges
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Choosing a College as an LGBTQ Student

Applying to college is a daunting time in any student’s life. There are tons of questions to answer, big decisions to make, and an amazing amount of pressure to get into the “right” school. But, for LGBTQ students, there are even more things to consider, and often more pressure to find a school that works …
Wellness dorms promote positivity
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What Are “Wellness Dorms”? They’re AWESOME.

You’ve decided on a college–or you’re close to it– and the next big decision you have to make is where you’re going to live. There are multiple different styles of living on most campuses, and the thought of making such a big decision when you haven’t had much choice about your living arrangements in the …
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Big Schools & Small Class Sizes 2016

When students are choosing which college to attend each year, there are two statistics that generally end up playing a pretty big role: How big is the school and how big are the classes? Most students have some idea of the size of campus they’re looking for–either the large, university experience at a big state …
Students set up a party in LLCs
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Living Learning Communities (LLCs): What are they?

You’ve chosen the college, now it’s time to choose where to live. In my experience, choosing the right dorm or being paired with a good roommate can have just as great of an impact on your mood/happiness/level of satisfaction (if not greater) than the actual school you attend. When I was a freshman in college, …
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Pros and Cons of Choosing a College Close to Home

Choosing a college close to home probably sounds like a dream to your parents. They probably love the idea of having you close and maybe you do too, but going to school in the ballpark of your hometown isn’t the right fit for everyone. So, for those of you trying to decide if staying close …
Congratulations! You got in! Now what?
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You Got In! Now What?

Congrats! The envelope you’ve been waiting for came in the mail, and the letter said exactly what you’d hoped. You got in! You might have spent months or weeks crafting the perfect personal statement to set you apart from other applicants. You waited, hoped, and dreamed that this day would come, and it finally has! Everyone has been …