10 Surprising Things You Can Cook in the Microwave (INFOGRAPHIC)

here's what you can make with microwave cooking

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What if I tell you that you can do more than heating cold foods in your microwave? Would you believe me? Well, you definitely should because your regular microwave can do microwave cooking, too.

I was fully immersed on determining what you can cook in the microwave after buying a very expensive brand last month. As much as possible, I want to maximize the use of my expensive microwave beyond its capacity to get my money’s worth. Although its ability to cook food may not be as efficient as the standard oven, there are some techniques that you can do to cook food well.

Cold spots are a common problem of microwave cooking. To cook food more evenly, it is recommended to stir and rotate the food at least twice during cooking. You can also lay the foods in a uniform manner while being covered in a microwave-safe dish. That helps all the food heat up.

After reading some important information online and doing some experiments at home, I finally came up with a list of several things you can cook in your microwave. From mug cakes to poach eggs, you can cook all these recipes in just a matter of minutes. You can even make healthier potato chips in the microwave.

If you like polenta, then you can ditch your stove and try using your microwave for faster cooking. Cook mac & cheese straight from a box in less than 10 minutes and no one can tell that you’ve done it in a microwave. If you want to know the complete list, keep reading the article.

here's what you can make with microwave cooking

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