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Where Should I Start my College Search?

how to start the college search process questions & answers
So you know you want to go to college, but how do you start searching for the right school(s)? The most important part of finding a college where you’ll be happy is recognizing at least some of what you want. As a teenager, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for in …
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College Myth: Colleges Are Only Looking for One Type of Student

It's a myth that colleges only look for certain types of students. myths
A common misconception is that colleges only accept certain types of students. Similarly, some students convince themselves that individual colleges prefer students with very particular skill sets. In reality, colleges seek to build diverse and interesting classes. Part of higher education is familiarizing yourself with the world at large. This involves getting to know people …
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Top 15 US Colleges and Universities

us college and universities student life
Rural or small town college campuses can be peaceful, but there’s something alluring about a big city. Students are drawn to urban campuses for their abundance of cultural and professional opportunities, all-encompassing amenities, and the promise of fun. Here are 15 best urban colleges in big cities which we think live up to these expectations. …
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2 Key Statistics For College Cost Comparison: Graduation Rate and Retention Rate Explained

College students throwing their graduation caps in the air. college comparisons
When we’re researching, visiting, or comparing colleges, we often want to know what percentage of students get in, but few of us ask these two very important questions: “How many stay?” and “How many get out with a degree?” College graduation rates and college retention rates are often critical to deciding if a college is a good …
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Pros and Cons: Deciding Whether to Attend a State School as an Out-of-State Student

University of Wisconsin campus sculpture of Abraham Lincoln statue. college search
Many students want to go college far away from home. At first thought, many students think attending a state school will be cheaper. However, attending a state school as an out-of-state student is often much more expensive. There are pros and cons of attending a state school as an out-of-state student. Before making the decision …
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September Madness: How the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Predicts College Enrollment Trends

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament College Enrollment Trends college news & trends
Colleges spend millions of dollars each year to market themselves and recruit students, with an average four-year private institution spending around $2,500 for each first-year student enrolled. Schools also spend millions more on their athletics to boost alumni giving and enhance the general appeal to campus culture. What kind of return, in terms of college …
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College Myth: In-State Colleges are More Affordable than Private Colleges

A private college could fit you more than an in-state college myths
Many college students–convinced that state colleges are cheaper–make the mistake of limiting their college search to in-state public colleges. For some students, an in-state public university may be the best choice. But, others risk attending a college that’s not a great fit by limiting their options without knowing the real cost of all their options. Are …
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13 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Visit

A college visit is essential so you know if a college is for you or not college search
Most college counselors will strongly recommend that you visit the colleges you are considering. They are right. The college visit is the only way you will know if the campus feels “right”. The college visit scheduled with the admissions office will look very similar at many colleges. Visitors will get a brief information session about the …
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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Final College Visit

Photograph of the campus of the University of Vermont. A final campus visit can help you solidify your decision college search
You’ve applied, been admitted and now you have to decide where to spend your college years. If you’re not 100% sure about your college choice, this is a good time to visit or re-visit. Even if you’ve already visited a college before you applied, visiting a college after you’ve been accepted will help you focus …
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