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Hidden Gems: The Best Colleges In Each State That Receive Fewer than 5,000 Applications Per Year

best colleges college comparisons
College Raptor aims to help students find their best fit colleges, academically, culturally, and financially. While big colleges can be a great fit for some students, others do better on smaller campuses. To bring attention to small colleges around the country, we’ve developed this map highlighting the top hidden gem college in each state. In …
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Every Kind of College and University Defined

types of colleges college search
As you explore colleges, you will learn about different types of colleges or universities. Public or private is a way colleges define themselves. Two-year or four-year colleges are also types of colleges. However, there are other terms colleges will use to define their institution. The types of colleges (or universities) are unique and offers great …
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5 Tips on Working with Your School Counselor on Your College Search

A school counselor pointing at a book while a student takes notes. college search
According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the national student-to-counselor ratio, is 478 to 1, nearly double the number recommended by the American School Counselor Association. Some states, like Minnesota, have a ratio of nearly 800 students for every school counselor, giving it the second-highest ratio in the nation, behind California.  Of course, …
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How To: Build Your College List

build your college list college search
Starting to build your college list can be confusing. Some students start by putting down the names of colleges they know. Others ask for suggestions from people they trust. However, without knowing much about the colleges, those might not be the best way to build your college list. College is a huge investment in time …
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25 of the Greenest College Campuses in the U.S.

University of California, San Diego student life
Thinking about how you can reduce your environmental impact this Earth Day? These colleges and universities will inspire you to be greener. See what academia’s sustainability leaders are doing to increase their environmental-friendliness. First, we have 10 honorable mentions that didn’t quite make our final list of the 15 greenest college campuses but are definitely …
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The Most Unique College Major in Each State

Most Unique Majors by State from College Raptor college majors & minors
What, would you guess, is the most unique major in your state? Some states’ most unique majors seem to make sense based on industries in the state. For instance, Tennessee has around 12 times as many arts, entertainment, and media management majors than the rest of the country (per college grad/per year), which can be chalked …
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