How to Succeed in a Distance Education / Online Class

Thanks to the technology we have nowadays, those who want to study in a university that’s located in another state, or people who don’t have enough time to go to an actual campus or even traditional students who are interested in a self-paced class, can study online through distance learning and online courses.

Most universities offer classes that are completely online, and others have part-online classes, in which you would have to go to campus only once a week. People think about online courses as an easy way out. Because it is online, and the professor is not next to you to push you through everything, they enroll in online classes and then regret it just because they got into it with the wrong idea in mind. Here are some tips to succeed in distance learning and online classes you decide to take in your college years.

Online does not mean “easy”

If you know you are one of those students who have a hard time concentrating when studying, then probably online courses are not your best option. If you couldn’t focus during study hours, you might find it even more difficult to focus while in the comfort of your dorm room or apartment. In this case, go for a face-to-face class.

Make sure you have enough time

If you are a regular college student, that takes three face-to-face courses and works part-time, then you can still take some time to focus on your online class. But if you have a child and a full-time job you might not be able to squeeze it in. You have to think about how you’re dealing with your classes at the moment and if you have extra hours in your day to study online. If you do have a couple of free hours a week, I’ll tell you to go for it. It is important that you remember that online classes don’t just include the period of time you’ll be spending watching the actual lectures, but also the hours you’ll have to spend on homework, papers, and studying for tests.

Know how to use the material

After you have decided to do distance learning and take an online class, focus on the type of material you’ll be working with throughout the semester. Find out what browser works best with the type of documents the professor uses and download any needed programs so your course can run as smoothly as possible.

Keep in touch with the instructor

Just because the class is online, doesn’t mean it will be the easiest and you’ll get an immediate A. I recommend you email your professor anytime you have a question. Get to know him/her and get him/her to know you. Their feedback will always be helpful.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Organization will forever be key through your whole studying process, but it is especially important in online courses. Set a schedule and follow it, assign certain days to your online class and like that you’ll always be able to stay up to date with any assignments or new lectures.

Find a quiet place

Find somewhere peaceful and try to go there every time you have to watch a lecture or do some assignments. If you live in an apartment with four other people silence won’t happen very often, and noisy environments will make you lose concentration of what’s being said in the lecture way faster.

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