Top Engineering, General Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

As one of the oldest and most versatile fields, engineering is a highly sought after area of interest. Engineers use math and science to solve problems, and can take on projects ranging from building sports stadiums to creating robots. Engineering contains a multitude of specialties that usually have corresponding majors. The general major of engineering introduces students to a handful of these focuses. Students in the major will learn about problem-solving algorithms, research methods, study successful engineering projects, and gain a greater understanding of the importance of this science.

Students will usually select a focus to specialize in, taking specific courses to suit that focus. However, some of the general engineering classes can include: intro to computers and programming, scientific visualization, statics, geophysics, engineering law, and technical writing. Those in the major tend to collaborate on projects, write research essays, and create models. Students drawn to engineering tend to strongly favor science and math subjects, are organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy problem solving.

After graduation, and perhaps further education, students of the major can pursue diverse careers in a number of specialized fields. Some areas of focus include: aerospace, civil, electrical, industrial, chemical, biomedical, software, environmental, and computer engineering. Engineers build the structures and technologies that sustain life as we know it.

Engineering fun fact: The Ferris Wheel was invented by an American engineer, George W. Ferris.

Celebrities who studied Engineering: Tom Scholz, musician — Boston; Montel Williams, actor, TV personality; Terrence Howard, actor; Ashton Kutcher, actor.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Engineering, General is $64,763

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