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Should I Hire a Financial Advisor for College?

There is no doubt that your college tuition payment method is one of the more important financial decisions you will make in your life. Prior to leaving for college, most students do not have experience in financial decision-making. Personally, before I left my parents’ house to attend college, the largest thing I’d ever paid for …
Student loan debt in America is now around $1.3 trillion.
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America’s Student Loan Debt is $1.3 Trillion: How Much is That Exactly? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Many college-bound students turn to student loans as a way to pay for college, and while loans can certainly be helpful in that respect, they must first be understood. In 2016 the average college student graduated with about $37,000 in student loan debt. Collectively, Americans have about $1.26 trillion in student loan debt, across several …
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Should I Get a Federal or a Private Student Loan?

Paying for college can be difficult because the cost is so high, and it can also be hard to understand. There’s a ton of terminology like loans, grants, scholarships, financial aid, file the FAFSA, etc. to learn about as well. If you are paying for college on your own, the entire process can be even …
One option to save for college is a 529 savings plan
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What is a 529 Savings Plan?

With tuition costs at an all-time high, students have sought ways to ease the college experience into their budgets, balancing their wallets and their future plans—though college is oftentimes more in your price range and affordable than you might think, it’s still important to have a financial plan in place. The majority of students have to …
You can apply for scholarships at any time during your academic career
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When and Where to Apply for Scholarships?

If you need help paying for college, you should definitely apply for scholarships. But scholarship applications come with a deadline. If you miss those deadlines, you miss your chance of getting free money that will help reduce your college bills. So, when and where should you apply for scholarships? The short of it: whenever you …
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What’s the Difference Between a Full-Ride and a Full-Tuition Scholarship?

They both sound pretty good, right? Oftentimes students use full-ride and full-tuition interchangeably. Thus, their definitions have gotten a little muddled over the years. Let’s start with the more commonly known of the two: the full-ride scholarship. Full-Ride A full-ride scholarship is an award that covers the entire cost of college. That includes tuition, room …
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What Exactly is a Full-Ride College Scholarship? Should I Bother Applying?

Many students dream of receiving a full-ride scholarship in order to pay for their college education. In essence, a full-ride scholarship is an award that fully pays for a student’s time at college—including tuition, room and board, other fees, books and materials, and sometimes even living expenses and study abroad costs. A full-ride scholarship seems …
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How Many College Students Receive Financial Aid?

When students leave their homes and go off to college, there are enough things at play without having to worry about personal financial trouble. In response to the growing number of students who are unable to pay their tuition in full without some sort of assistance, the number of financial aid grants has grown. Thus, …
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How Many Scholarships Should I Apply For?

Your parents will likely tell you to look for scholarships, find some, and then keep looking. It could be that your school will offer enough aid that you don’t need more scholarships, but for many students that is not the case. In that scenario, how many scholarships do you apply for? What kinds of scholarships …