Why Do Some Scholarships Require Interviews?

Here are some tips on how to go about a scholarship interview.

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No two scholarships are quite the same. In fact, it is all the varying scholarships available to students that make them so accessible. From need-based scholarships to random scholarships designated only by a student’s skillset and values, students have plenty of scholarships to choose from.

There is a scholarship-or three-for every student, but it is up to students to find the scholarships they are eligible for. Not to worry, College Raptor is here to help narrow down the search.

Different Scholarships, Different Requirements

Some will require essays, others won’t. Some have GPA requirements, others don’t care about grades. Different scholarship sponsors have different requirements or standards in mind before they award a student with their funds. Other possible requirements include essays, portfolios, contests, and more. It all depends.

In some cases, a sponsor feels that talking to you in person is the best way to determine your eligibility. In those cases, they may ask for an interview.

Scholarship Interview

So, some scholarships require an interview with the student applicant. Interviews are a great way to get to know a student on a more personal level, rather than just reviewing a resume or application. Though the thought of an interview may intimidate some applicants, it can be a great way to boost your chances of earning the scholarship.

Some interviews might be one-on-one with the sponsor or representative, others might be in front of a panel. Interviews are more common with larger, and more prestigious or well-known scholarship awards. They aren’t incredibly common, but they also aren’t unheard of either. Some interviews will be more casual, while others may be extremely formal. It is important to be prepared for either scenario.

How To Prepare

The worst interviews involve students trying to say what they think the interviewer wants to hear. Interviewers hope to see students who are authentic and true to the values of the scholarship; the worst way to show this is having every response sound scripted. While students should be prepared and have an idea of what they will be asked, there is no use in planning answers word for word. Research the scholarship you are interviewing for, and get an idea of what the scholarship’s mission is. Furthermore, think about how your specific traits show your eligibility.

If you are being interviewed in person, be sure to dress neatly. Wearing professional attire can give interviewers a sense of formality before they even hear you speak. Even if the interview is over the phone, it is smart to dress in formal clothing, so you feel a sense of professionalism and confidence while you are speaking to an interviewer.

Do your research, prepare, practice, and you’ll nail your scholarship interview! Good luck!

The college process challenges the best of students. However, you don’t have to struggle through the many steps by yourself. College Raptor has a multitude of resources designed to assist students like you! Use College Raptor’s free scholarship articles to learn more about the different scholarships available and how to properly apply for them.


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6.37% - 16.70% Variable
4.50% - 15.49% Fixed
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