Can Scholarship Funds be Used on Expenses Other than Tuition?


Flickr user Kenny Louie

The cost of college includes a lot more than just simply tuition—there’s housing to consider, groceries, school supplies, text books, etc. So, to cover those costs wouldn’t it be great if you could use the scholarship awards you’ve earned to pay for them?

To answer the title of this article: Yes, but only if the scholarship permits it. Just as different scholarships have certain requirements as to who is eligible to receive the award, they also have rules as to how the award is meant to be used. Some scholarships are very strict in what they’ll permit, while others are a bit more lax.

So, one scholarship you earn might specify that it is ONLY FOR TUITION and nothing else. Another scholarship may just transfer the funds to your bank account for you to use as you see fit (with you being on the honors system to use it for something actually useful). There are even scholarships out there specifically for housing expenses.

Long story short, pay attention to all of the rules and requirements surrounding each scholarship. Apply for as many as you can, but be mindful of what you’re really earning.

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