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Here are some tips on how to go about a scholarship interview.
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Why Do Some Scholarships Require Interviews?

No two scholarships are quite the same. In fact, it is all the varying scholarships available to students that make them so accessible. From need-based scholarships to random scholarships designated only by a student’s skillset and values, students have plenty of scholarships to choose from. There is a scholarship-or three-for every student, but it is …
Who qualifies for financial aid?
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Who Can Qualify for Federal Student Financial Aid?

Did you know the biggest sponsor of scholarships and grants is actually the federal government? Or that they offer student loans with adaptable repayment plans? In fact, utilizing the government’s student aid is one of the best ways to help pay for college! Their student aid programs include grants, work-study funds, and student loans. But …
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What are PLUS Loans?

Despite what they say, many parents secretly dread the day their child walks out the door to head away to college. This is an emotionally trying time for both parents and their burgeoning students, even for the most experienced at sending kids to school. As the elder child in my family, I was the pioneer …
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Should I Hire a Financial Advisor for College?

There is no doubt that your college tuition payment method is one of the more important financial decisions you will make in your life. Prior to leaving for college, most students do not have experience in financial decision-making. Personally, before I left my parents’ house to attend college, the largest thing I’d ever paid for …
Student loan debt in America is now around $1.3 trillion.
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America’s Student Loan Debt is $1.3 Trillion: How Much is That Exactly? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Many college-bound students turn to student loans as a way to pay for college, and while loans can certainly be helpful in that respect, they must first be understood. In 2016 the average college student graduated with about $37,000 in student loan debt. Collectively, Americans have about $1.26 trillion in student loan debt, across several …
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Should I Get a Federal or a Private Student Loan?

Paying for college can be difficult because the cost is so high, and it can also be hard to understand. There’s a ton of terminology like loans, grants, scholarships, financial aid, file the FAFSA, etc. to learn about as well. If you are paying for college on your own, the entire process can be even …