Should I Focus on One Scholarship Category or Several?

Like this student dividing their attention to several laptops, should you apply for several scholarships or focus on one category

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Once you’ve found something that works, it can be hard doing it any other way. So when a student finds their talent, skill, or unique factor that can be used in their scholarship search, they might only search for those relevant opportunities. For example, if a student is on their school’s student council, they may only go after scholarships that require leadership experience—and why wouldn’t they? Colleges like leadership, student council is a great experience for that trait, and they can get a feel for how to fill out multiple scholarships for that one skill of theirs.

You found a category you fit in!

So if you’ve found your niche, your scholarship strength, awesome! But don’t settle in that category. There are thousands of different scholarship opportunities out there and odds are you qualify for more than just one kind. You may be a shoe-in for some leader-themed scholarship opportunities, but what about your prowess on the tennis court? Would you ignore your athletic skills? Or what about the fact that you’re Jewish? Did you know there are scholarships out their based on your faith—go get them!

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Consider other categories.

Students are multi-faceted people, and scholarships come in many different forms. So don’t only search in a singular category—go out, find your talents, your strengths, your unique traits. Don’t limit yourself or your financial aid opportunities.

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