College Raptor’s Guide to Online MBA Degree Programs

The College Raptor Guide to Online MBA Programs - online mba degree programs

This guide is meant as a comprehensive resource for prospective, current, and former students interested in online MBA degree programs.

It covers topics to help students understand how online MBA degree programs work, how to evaluate programs, what to look for–and avoid–in an online MBA program, how to apply and enroll in a program, and what steps to take after graduation.

Chapter 1 – The Basics of an Online MBA

  1. Who Should Get an MBA?
  2. Online MBA vs Traditional MBA

Chapter 2 – Deciding If an Online MBA is Right For You

  1. What You’ll Learn in an Online MBA Program
  2. How to Know It’s the Right Time to Get Your MBA
  3. How a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Can Improve Your Life
  4. Is Online College Right for You?

Chapter 3 – Finding the Right Online MBA Program

  1. How to Choose the Right MBA Program
  2. 5 Keys to Choosing an Online College
  3. Complete Guide to Accreditation and Online Colleges
  4. Everything You Need to Know About AACSB Accreditation for Business Programs
  5. Online MBA Programs and Specialties (Coming Soon)

Chapter 4 – Getting into an Online MBA Program

  1. Is an MBA Right for Someone Without a Business Degree?
  2. Should You Take the GMAT Before Applying for an MBA Program?
  3. Online MBA Admissions
  4. How Much Does an Online MBA Cost?
  5. Paying for an MBA

Chapter 5 – Once You’re Enrolled & After You Graduate

  1. 4 Strategies for Balancing Your Online MBA & Your Life
  2. Careers for MBA Graduates (Coming Soon)

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