4 Ways A Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Can Improve Your Life

How can a Master's of Business Administration change your life?It’s no secret that going back to school can mean making some serious changes in your life. You’ll have to make sacrifices when it comes to your free time, extra money, and many other aspects in order to get your degree. So why do it? Why go back to school? Because there are some serious improvements that can come from completing your Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Here are 4 ways getting your Master’s of Business Administration can improve your life.

1. No more glass ceiling

This is by far one of the most common reasons to get your MBA. You spent 4 (or more) years getting your undergraduate degree and you’ve spent years on the job. But, there is only so far that you can climb up the ladder without a master’s degree.

30 years ago, this may not have been the case. You may have been able to be promoted based on your hard work and personality. Unfortunately, in a world filled with overqualified candidates, that just isn’t the case anymore.

2. Make yourself a more marketable candidate

Like we said above, there are a ton of people looking for jobs who are more than qualified. Having a master’s degree will allow you to better market yourself in the competitive world of job interviews.

Not only will you have an extra degree, but you will also have an advantage based on the classes you took. Working on an MBA teaches you in-depth business strategies, but it also teaches you how to work well in groups, and excel at any task that is thrown your way. I don’t know about you, but I think those are pretty impressive skills to be able to lay down in an interview.

3. Ability to switch careers

The amazing thing about MBA programs is that you don’t have to have a bachelor’s degree in business, or a business-related field, to be accepted into the program. Students who went to school for history, art, or psychology, but never pursued a career in their field or have moved out of their field into something new, are all eligible to get an MBA.

If you have previously worked in retail or sales, getting an MBA may be the best way for you to move up in the ranks or move into a career that you’ve been considering.

4. Higher pay

With each degree you earn, your qualifications for any job increase. This has a huge effect on your paycheck. Although pursuing your MBA will probably cost you some money, the pay bump you will likely receive can make it all worthwhile.

If you’ve been passed over for higher-paying positions, your pay bump may come from being better qualified for those types of positions. It may also be that you could request a raise for your current position based on your new qualifications.


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