4 Ways To Know It’s Time To Get Your MBA

Here are a few signs that it's time to get your MBA degree.

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Once upon a time, you graduated from college, got a job and an apartment, and everything was falling into place. You met someone to share your life with (be that a significant other or a best friend). You got settled into the crazy ride of adulthood. Then, one day, as you picked up your Starbucks and headed into your cubicle, you realized that you needed more out of your life. Taco Tuesday and Thursday night karaoke are great, but you’ve been in the same routine for more years than you would like to admit. It feels like it’s time for something new.

But, what exactly does that mean? A new hobby? Maybe a new karaoke bar?

While those may help in the short term, they probably won’t help you to turn any major pages in your life. Maybe, ask yourself this: Is your work as fulfilling as it was when you graduated?

If the answer is no, then it may be time to consider getting your MBA degree. These four situations are a pretty good clue that it’s time to head back to school.

1. You’ve hit a glass ceiling or been passed over for promotions

There are all sorts of reasons why people get promoted. Maybe they have seniority within the company or they’ve clearly been working their tail off. But, what about the positions that have come up and been filled by people from outside the company?

Getting your MBA is a great way to increase your odds of receiving a promotion or a job within another company. The skills you learn as well as the time you spend working with other students all help you to become a more qualified applicant.

2. You’re feeling “stuck”

I hate feeling stuck. Whether it’s in a job, a living situation, or any other aspect of my life. Feeling like I have no control over where I’m going or what I’m doing is terrible. If you’re feeling this way, getting your MBA degree is a great option.

You can use your new degree to change careers, move up in your current company, or even strike out on your own as an entrepreneur if you want to.

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3. Your employer will pay for your MBA degree

You would be amazed at how often employers are willing to help their employees out when it comes to going back to school. Some companies offer tuition reimbursement outright and others are willing to help if you’re willing to ask.

By investing in your education, they are investing in their own interests. Not only do they not have to search as far for a qualified person to fill a positing, but they are also better able to promote employees who already know the ins and outs of the company. It’s a win-win for all involved.

4. You’re unhappy in your career

When you chose your career path at 18 or 22, it is very possible that you didn’t know what in the world you were doing. Sure, you’ve enjoyed being employed and met some wonderful people, but you often find yourself daydreaming about working in another profession.

The great thing about MBA degree programs is that they accept students from all different backgrounds so what you studied in undergrad won’t mean that you have to continue on that path forever. Plus, you can choose from a variety of areas to emphasize in your business studies, which can help you either become more well-rounded or help you shift gears toward a different path altogether.

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