Can You Get an MBA If You Don’t Have a Business Undergraduate Degree?

Can you get an MBA without a business degree? Given that it’s one of the most popular graduate degrees nationally is the Master of Business Administration (MBA), it’s a valid question.

Many people working in the business world pursue an MBA as a way to rapidly advance their career or become more specialized in a specific area of study like business analytics or accounting.

But, what about students who don’t have a background in business and no undergraduate degree from a business school?

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Can You Get an MBA Without a Business Degree

The short answer is: No, you don’t need a business degree to pursue an MBA.

In fact, many of those who receive MBAs each year come from non-business backgrounds. Those working in science, technology, and many other fields choose to pursue their master’s as a way to advance their career.

What is an MBA?

While still a Master’s degree, an MBA is not seen as being equivalent to other graduate studies, which generally are used to advance understanding and knowledge within a specialized field. 

Rather, this type of degree covers a broad range of general business subjects that is designed to give you a well-rounded education in the subject matter. Even those without a history in business will graduate with the education needed to advance their careers for years to come.

How Can A MBA Be Useful?

MBA degrees can be hugely helpful for people in a variety of career fields.

Students Can Learn More About Business Management

By obtaining a business degree, scientists, accountants, managers, and many other professionals have the opportunity to learn more about corporate-level business management. The education gained through an MBA program will prepare you to see “the big picture.” And you’ll understand the various functions within a large business and how to evaluate and make decisions regarding those functions.

Students Can Learn Better Management Skills

As you progress in your career, most people find that their job becomes less about doing specific tasks and more about managing and directing the tasks of others in order to meet specific goals. This is why an MBA is a common choice for people moving from lower-level positions and into management, where their duties may not align with the education they received in undergrad.

Students Can Advance or Change Their Business Careers

An MBA looks amazing on resumes and can be used to apply to new careers or positions within the company. It shows initiative and also a solid understanding of different aspects of business from marketing to management. Graduates can also use their degrees to switch career fields if they have found their initial trajectory wasn’t what they wanted to do with their life.

Is an MBA The Best Route to Achieve Your Career Goals?

Gaining an MBA can be a fundamental step in many career paths. Particularly, it can be essential for those looking to move from science or technology fields into management positions or for individuals hoping to move into upper management.

However, it’s not always the best route for everyone. It’s essential that you first give thought to your ultimate goal(s). Will a Master’s in Business Administration help you achieve those? For some, earning a graduate degree in their field will be the better option. Others may benefit from earning a bachelor’s in business, taking online courses that offer certifications, or attending a MicroMaster’s program.

In order to determine which is best for your future, you’ll want to start with research. Investigate potential positions that you’re interested in. And, see what credentials they require. What degrees, certifications, and other achievements do they hold? 

You’ll also want to look into what your potential future career is looking for. Are they specifically asking for an MBA or similar? And, in cases where they don’t have it listed as a requirement, did the individual who was hired previously have one anyway? Even if it’s not advertised, it could be preferred! 

A Master’s in Business Administration is an excellent way to achieve your career goals, advance your career, or even switch jobs. However, don’t take the decision lightly. It can take several years to complete depending on your approach and available time to attend classes. 

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