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3 Scholarships for Native American Students

Long before the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria spotted the shores of North America, our continent was home to thriving communities devoted to peace and prosperity. When Columbus came ashore, however, he brought massive upheavals with him. The peaceful Native American societies were ravaged by disease, violence, and other maladies until they were contained to …
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4 Scholarships for Theater Majors

There’s nothing quite like a night at the theater. But what the audience may not know is all of the hard work, dedication, and people it takes! Actors, playwrights, set designers, lighting specialists, stage managers, costume designers, technicians, sound designers, directors, composers, conductors, and more make a show come to life. If you plan on …
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Why You Should Start Saving for College ASAP

Calculating how to pay for college is stressful. It can lead to many emotional conversations and decisions between parents and students. Knowing you can’t go to your dream school because you can’t afford it can be heartbreaking, but if you set up a savings plan early enough, you can save yourself from this situation. If …
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4 Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Technology has made leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and there is more need for computer science experts than ever before! Computer science, as a field, attracts students with analytical minds, as well as a penchant for technology. If you’re interested in majoring in computer science or are already taking courses, then take …
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3 Scholarships for Foreign Language Majors

Since the ambassadors sent on overseas trips by George Washington, through the establishment of the Peace Corps by John F. Kennedy, all the way to the current day, the United States has always prided itself on being a country of multiculturalism. We seek to learn more about our worldwide neighbors through the most common thread …
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3 Scholarships for Economics Majors

According to a recent study, the study of economics has retained its slot as one of the highest paying majors in the nation, with employed students making, on average, about $52,000 right out of college. The same study goes on to show that by the time these graduates approach the height of their careers, they …
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5 Scholarships for Science Majors

If you’re a science major, then you know how competitive the discipline and field can be. With the emerging interests in STEM research, tons of students have lined up to learn more about the different areas. Whether your major is Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Biochemistry, studies can be intensive and retention can be trying. Here …
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Study Abroad Scholarships: Europe

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure. Many students choose Europe as their destination for their study abroad. It is rich in history, art, food, beauty, and also lets students experience a new culture. Traveling to see all the beautiful sights will eat up your budget, however. To help you out, we have found a list …