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Buildings downtown in a city in Oklahoma.

6 Scholarships for Students In Oklahoma

A culture of competition has existed in Oklahoma since, at least, the late nineteenth century. After President Grover Cleveland issued a proclamation stating that the Oklahoman lands were available for cultivation and settlement, settlers rushed in from all over the map to see who could get there “sooner.” The state lovingly adopted the “sooner” moniker, …
A building on the University of Iowa campus.

7 Scholarships for Students in Iowa

Home to over 60 colleges and universities, Iowa is a state dedicated to excellence. Nicknamed the Hawkeye State, Iowa is known for its rich agriculture, diverse economy, booming business, and fascinating history–and for being College Raptor’s home state! If you’re lucky enough to live in the state and plan on attending college/university there, read on …
Red rock mountains in Nevada.

5 Scholarships for Students in Nevada

Known as the Silver State, Nevada is home to beautiful scenery and exciting history. The state also houses numerous colleges and universities. If you’re a student pursuing a higher education in Nevada, check out some of these Nevada scholarships. Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program Amount: $5,000 Deadline: April 6, 2020 The organization rewards this scholarship …
A pair of siblings looking at the camera.

5 Scholarships for Siblings

Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology and philosophy at the University of California, once attempted to explain the relationship between siblings via a cosmic metaphor. “If parents are the fixed stars in the child’s universe, the vaguely understood, distant but constant celestial spheres,” said Gopnik, “siblings are the dazzling, sometimes scorching comets whizzing nearby.” To …
Sprawling fields of lavender.

6 Scholarships for Southerners

Dixie, the land of sweet tea, gumbo, sandy beaches, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and southern hospitality. The historical landscapes, colorful cities, delicious food, and tourist destinations can often overshadow the region’s history with education. For some, the first thing that comes to mind regarding attending college in the south is either SEC football or “party schools.” However, …
Different sizes and colors of gears in a pile.

6 Scholarships for Engineering Majors

In recent years, the Engineering major has exploded to become one of the most popular in the country, due to interest in science, more institutions offering the major and, of course, great job prospects upon graduation. This has also lead to a rash of applications towards every highly-ranked institution in the country offering the popular …
A page from the dictionary that focuses on the word "dictionary."

Scholarships for English Majors

English Majors develop numerous valuable qualities that employers desire: critical thinking, communication skills, strong writing, the ability to interpret things from a different perspective, creativity, working under deadlines, persuasion, and in-depth reading. English Majors are an adaptable, well-rounded bunch, who can excel in a great number of careers. Below are just a few scholarships that …
Two scientists standing with their backs to the camera.

6 Scholarships for Pharmacy School

When sickness rears its ugly head, pharmacists are there to answer the call for help. By dispensing medication and working with other healthcare professionals, pharmacists get people feeling better and back on their feet. The world needs pharmacists and so several pharmacy scholarships have been founded in order to provide financial aid to the next …
Johns Hopkins University behind trees and a grassy field.

4 Scholarships for Summer School

Taking classes during the summer is a great way to catch up or get ahead with your education. But taking summer classes can also act like an extra semester of your college career, which can mean more college expenses like room and board or books. Luckily there are a number of scholarships dedicated to the …
Two people sitting at a computer together.

6 Community Service Scholarships

Don’t believe everything you read. The millennial generation, decried and slammed by many for being selfish, has demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to the community to an almost unprecedented level. According to a Forbes study, millennials are more likely to volunteer and emphasize the importance of volunteering than their Boomer or Gen X predecessors …