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How to Get a Student Loan With No or Bad Credit

Bad credit or no credit doesn’t have to be an obstacle to getting a higher education. There are ways to get student loans regardless of your credit history. For example, the federal government doesn’t factor in credit history when approving undergraduate student loans. You can get federal student loans with no credit or bad credit. …
Here are two of the best companies and lenders for medical school loans
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Medical School Loans – 2 Best Companies and Lenders for Med Students

Each year, thousands of students invest in themselves and enroll in medical school. It’s not surprising. For many students, pursuing a medical degree is a wise and also lucrative choice. But that doesn’t offset the fact that medical school is still an expensive investment. That’s where medical school loans come in. Few students, or their …
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MBA Student Loans: The Best Lenders to Finance Your MBA

There are several reasons people decide to pursue an MBA. From increased lifetime earning potential to having a leg up for job openings and promotions, having an advanced degree in the field of business can be hugely beneficial. That’s why each year thousands of people (most of them already in the workforce) decide to pursue …
Here are some law school loans from companies you should consider
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Law School Loans: Best Student Loan Companies for Law Students

You’re ready to take the next big step in life and pursue your JD. You’ve probably worked incredibly hard to keep your grades up all through undergrad. Or, you’ve worked for a few years after graduating to build up some experience in the field. Then, you went through the tenuous process of researching, comparing, and …
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How to Get Student Loans to Pay for Grad School

Thinking about going to grad school, but not sure how to pay for it? Graduate programs can be incredibly enriching and awarding, leading to improved education, qualifications, and in many cases, boosted lifetime earnings. Those hoping to pursue research or teaching positions may just be taking a step toward their ultimate goal of achieving a …
Here's some student loan terminology everyone should know.
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Student Loan Glossary: Terminology Every Borrower Should Know

The world of student loans can be incredibly confusing even for the savviest borrower. The terms of your loan are probably a bit intimidating. Additionally, the student loan terminology used to describe your loans–the actual words–feels a bit daunting. We made this simple student loan terminology guide to help you understand relevant terms when it …
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A Bankruptcy Lawyer Just Did a Reddit AMA About Student Loan Debt. His Responses are Terrifying

Today, Neil Sader, a Kansas City-based bankruptcy lawyer took to Reddit to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) about bankruptcy and student loan debt. “Student loans are killing millennials and the middle class,” wrote Sader in his post title. In the thread, many current and former college students asked questions related to student loans and …
Filing the FAFSA can be difficult but the FAFSA matters a lot
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Why the FAFSA Matters For Your Student Loans

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is one of those documents that people treat like some kind of mystic, unknown entity. Few people really feel knowledgeable about the process of completing the FAFSA, how to go about completing it, or why it the FAFSA matters. Why does the FAFSA matter for student loans? …