Easiest Jobs to Get After College (Careers with High Job Opening Rates)

Are you concerned about finding a job after you graduate, especially one in your field? You’re absolutely not alone. Thanks to College Raptor’s Career Center, you can discover hundreds of jobs and lots of information about them. We’ve collected ten of the easiest jobs to get into after college based on high job opening rates.

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Registered Nurse

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 101,850
  • Projected Growth Rate: +14%
  • Average Salary: $71,730

A registered nurse, also known as an RN, is responsible for patients, medication, records, and more. They may monitor the patient, but they’re also responsible for educating the patient on their medication and diagnosis in conjunction with the doctor. It requires a Bachelor’s degree, a few certifications, and a state license along with other skills including communication and computer usage.

Accountants & Auditors

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 78,557
  • Projected Growth Rate: +14%
  • Average Salary: $70,500 

An accountant is a great position if you’re studying math or finance. These individuals are responsible for financial reports, balance sheets, profit vs loss, taxes, trends, and predictions. Some areas of this type of work vary regarding education, but a good bit are looking for a Bachelor’s degree.

Similar to an accountant, an auditor can truly benefit from a degree in accounting, finance, and business/management. They work to ensure the validity (and legality) of a company’s financial records, work to avoid risk, and recommend savings regarding costs. Auditors can work directly for a company or they may be part of an independent firm that a company hires.

Elementary School Teacher

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 49,406
  • Projected Growth Rate: +7%
  • Average Salary: $58,230

If you’re comfortable working with kids, another job that is easier to get than others is an elementary school teacher. You will teach kids a variety of different subjects from math to English, while also teaching proper behavior. College students can choose to major in a variety of different degrees for this particular line of work, though Elementary Education and Teaching is a popular choice. However, note that some states will require you to have a Master’s degree.

Software Developer

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 43,621
  • Projected Growth Rate: +23%
  • Average Salary: $103,620

For those in computer science and related fields, you may be happy to hear that a software developer will have quite a lot of job openings. In this position, you’d be required to develop different computer software applications, either as the actual designer or a consulting capacity.

Business Operations Specialists

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 42,930
  • Projected Growth Rate: +9%
  • Average Salary: $70,530

The next three careers fall under the Business Operation Specialist branch and are just a few examples of the jobs included in that category.

Energy Auditor

If you’re interested in energy efficiency or similar areas, you might want to consider becoming an energy auditor. Here you will help companies and organizations find cheaper and more efficient solutions for their energy costs. At least an associate’s degree is required for this, but certification and on the job training may also be needed.

Security Management Specialist

Whether you’re interested in physical security or IT security, you could consider becoming a security management specialist. With more job openings available, you can work in a variety of different industries from healthcare to gaming.

Customs Broker

When items travel into or out of the country, shipments have to meet certain laws. Customs documentation is one of the responsibilities of a customs broker. You would also be responsible for determining taxes, payments, duties, and more. An associate’s degree is generally needed, but most in this position have Bachelor’s.

Market Research Analyst

  • Job Openings: 42,713
  • Projected Growth Rate: +25%
  • Average Salary: $63,120

A market research analyst works to determine what products or services would best serve a company and its audience. They overlook different data including those based on preferences, demographics, needs, wants, habits, and more. After analyzing the data, they give their recommendations to the organization they’re working for. Many here study marketing in college.

Personal Care Aides

  • Average Annual Job Openings: 41,844
  • Projected Growth Rate: +32%
  • Average Salary: $24,020

Another position that has quite a few openings is a personal care aide. The requirements for this position vary from state to state, but those in this position are responsible for the care of the elderly, chronically ill, mentally disabled, or anyone else needing a caregiver.

The job market can be an intimidating one, so it makes sense that lots of people look for the easiest jobs to get after college. If you’re studying one of these types of subjects, these are ten great career paths you may want to research. Experts estimate they’ll grow faster than average and could provide you with great income and experience straight out of school.

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