How Can College Students Make Extra Money?

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Life as a college student is not all rainbows and sunshine. Juggling between personal commitments, deadlines, and ever-mounting work pressure gradually takes a toll on young minds. There’s so much to manage, from food to lodging and expenses, and you have to do it all alone, mostly. It is during the time of acute emergencies that a part-time job comes in handy. There are so many money-making opportunities both online and offline that young students can opt for to earn some extra pocket cash. Mentioned below are seven such lucrative earning options that students can immensely benefit from:

Monetizing Your Blog

Blogs are perfect for people who want to showcase their talent or only share their hobbies with the world. Creating your blog or website connects you with a global audience and expands your reach with a single click. You get to meet people from all over the world, share your interests, make friends and earn some money while you are at it! You can make a blog on almost anything, from creating DIY hairstyles, to new recipes, and sharing your artwork online; you can find a willing audience for the most bizarre of subjects.

Filling Out Surveys Online

Want to earn some extra cash without compromising on your studies? Filling out online surveys such as Swagbucks is the ideal job for you. Apply for several reviews and complete a preliminary registration questionnaire stating your location, age, gender, and income range. The company will then send you survey forms accordingly that you have to fill out and send back ASAP. A simple, hassle-free and quick money making hack, the job pays you well for putting forth your preferences and opinion. Opt for a survey that pays in cash and not credit points.

Web Development And Designing

If you are into web design and application development, then the virtual world is nothing short of wonderland for you. With millions of websites and e-stores in the pipeline, the need for a competent and efficient web developer has only increased. You can take up contracts from several companies or build and monetize your start-up. All you need is an idea and a steady internet connection. Moreover, with the site builders and SEO tools, almost anyone can build his or her website.  Although don’t expect instant success, it takes the time to establish a robust web presence and gather an impressive audience base for your content.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Want to get rid of the old sofa or a motorbike? Sell it online! E-commerce websites are reliable web portals where users can buy and sell second-hand stuff online. You can directly contact the buyer and agree on a price and other details. Sites such as Ebay also offer features such as live chats, and shipping to simplify the job for you. Selling your stuff online is the easiest way to earn some instant cash and clear the cluttered space in your dorm while you are at it.


Freelancing is an attractive earning opportunity for students who want to work in the comfort of their dorms. You are not confined to the typical 9-5 working hours; you can work whenever you want to, and work for yourself. If you are willing to provide good quality content for websites on a regular basis, then content writing is your calling. You can work under a company or take up projects independently. You can even join budding entrepreneurs and web developers and create your own website once you have established a solid web presence. However, the job does not guarantee a steady source of income.

Part-time Jobs

Don’t lose heart if you are uncomfortable finding work on the virtual platform. The real world has a lot of earning opportunities as well that would help you manage your expenses better. Many students take up a part-time job or two for making some extra cash.  Working at a cafe, babysitting, tutoring, and other similar jobs are a popular choice among youngsters who want to make and save some money. You can also sign up for internships and work studies in local businesses for some professional experience and training.

Get Published

If you are an aspiring writer, poet, or artist who is looking for a breakthrough, now is the perfect opportunity. Thanks to technology, one can now promote, share, and discuss books online with similar minded people. Gone are the days when authors had to run after publishers to sponsor and support the manuscript. There are loads of self-publishing platforms and marketing tools that allow you to advertise your work independently. Kindle, Amazon, and Goodreads are among the most popular platforms where you can showcase your writing.

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