Yes, You Can Live The College Life Without Going Broke

You don't have to be a broke college student to live your college life.

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Most students dream of living ‘the college life’, which typically means living away from home, attending class, socializing with friends, and making their own financial decisions, big and small. While this can be an empowering feeling, living on your own can get real expensive real fast. You have to stretch your limited budget so it can cover your accommodation, food, school expenses, and other incidentals. Is it even possible to do all of this without breaking the bank?

These few ideas will help you live the college life without being a broke college student:

Take up an on-campus job

Most on-campus work opportunities allow you to work between 15 to 25 hours a week and the pay is pretty decent. Besides, you don’t have to spend time or money on traveling. This adds to your bank balance by a substantial amount every week. Just keep in mind that most colleges have a maximum number of hours you can work per week.

Sell your old textbooks and buy second-hand textbooks

Buying new textbooks can be frightfully expensive and will make a huge dent in your wallet. Get into the habit of selling your previous year’s textbooks instead of trashing them. Buy second-hand textbooks instead of new ones, or consider renting them for a lower cost. Additionally, wait until the first day of class before you buy a textbook. Some professors will let you know that the textbook listed isn’t actually necessary. Some professors may not even reference the textbook much.

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Use public transportation or carpool

Driving to school in your own car may sound exciting if you live off-campus. But the cost of gas and parking can soon add up over the month. If you want to avoid being a broke college student, you should consider using public transportation or carpooling.

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