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Here’s how to evaluate colleges on your list.
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How To Evaluate Colleges On Your List

You’ve spent weeks narrowing down your shortlist of colleges that are the best fit for your requirements. While you’re pretty happy with your efforts, you realize you have a dilemma. No specific college on your shortlist ticks all of your boxes. Some offer what you are looking for in terms of academic programs and cost …
Here are some searching for college tips that you may find useful.
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Searching For College Tips, Tricks And Advice

Looking for the right college for you can be as confusing as it is exciting. The college you choose will have a major impact on your long term career goals. As exciting as that thought is, it is also overwhelming. If you’re searching for college tips and tricks to help guide you towards making the …
Students listening to a college professor lecture
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Learn About a School From Talking to a College Professor

Before you decide upon a college, you definitely want to visit each one you’re interested in. While there, you should chat with a few people around campus. You’ll want to talk to a current student, someone in admissions, and, if possible, a college professor in your intended major. You can learn plenty from them about …
City with text: what are for profit colleges?
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What Are For Profit Colleges?

For-profit colleges are higher education institutions are owned and run by an individual or a private organization. The main aim behind establishing this type of college is to make a profit from it. In these types of colleges, the owner or the shareholders are the ultimate decision makers. This is completely different from non-profit colleges, …
Birds-eye-view of road through forest with text: how do I check out the universities near me?
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How Do I Check Out Universities Near Me?

Not every student wants to enroll in a college far away from home. Maybe you like your hometown. Or family is super important to you. Maybe you want to save on tuition costs by staying in-state. Or on rent by living with your parents. If any of these scenarios are the case, or you have …
Brick pattern with text: why everyone should consider community colleges
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Why Everyone Should Consider Community Colleges

When you hear the word “college” you probably imagine the classic 4-year school with a quad, dorms, football team, and culminating in a bachelor’s degree. While that’s certainly a popular (albeit expensive) option, it’s not the only one. For those that have doubts about attending a four-year college, there’s an affordable and convenient solution – …
Girl in front of question marks with text: what type of college is right for me?
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What Type of College is Best for Me?

Asking yourself: what type of college is best for me? You’re not alone. Finding a college takes a significant amount of time and consideration. Different students have different academic goals and personal preferences. However, the right choice for your best friend might not be the right choice for you. This is a monumental decisions, one …
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Three Reasons to Check Out Your Nearest Community College

You may have a list of four year colleges and universities you’re planning on applying to, but that doesn’t mean you should skip checking out your nearest community college. Community colleges are, sadly, often overlooked when they have a lot to offer. Here are three reasons you’ll want to stop by and take a look: …
1,2,3 with text: do college ratings matter?
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How Much Do College Ratings Actually Matter?

Most high school students will take a look at college ratings when working on their shortlist of colleges to apply to. Admittedly, finding your preferred colleges features high on the college ratings list can be quite a relief. It feels like some sort of endorsement – if a college is highly rated it must be …