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Different Ways to Build Your College List

Students gathered outside the college building. Some people are looking to the group from a balcony on the side. college search
If you are starting to look at colleges, you may not know exactly where to start. Even if you have a dream school in mind, you will have to have other colleges for backups and consideration, especially if your dream school doesn’t work out. Here are three different ways you can start to build your …
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People You Should Meet During a College Visit

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During a college visit, you will most likely be meeting with a member of the admissions team or even an alumnus that will help you and your group view the school. While you probably have a ton of questions for them, you should also be designing questions for other people. These are just a few …
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FAQ About Community College 2+2 Programs

Labette Community College building. college search
Some students decide to go to community college for two years for their Associate’s and then attend a four-year college to focus on their major and earn their Bachelor’s. Attending community college for two years, then transferring to a college or university for another two years is known as a 2 + 2 program, and …
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Pros And Cons Of Starting College In The Spring

White flowers in front of a University of Central Arkansas campus building. college search
While many high school graduates start their college education the following fall, some are starting college in spring instead. Listed below are some pros and cons to starting college a little later. Pros of Starting College in the Spring You can still graduate with your incoming classmates in the fall: You may have to work …
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Making a Vacation Out of a College Visit

Make your college visit into a vacation too! college search
College visits are typically offered year-round, but two of the most popular options are during the fall and during the summer. The summer-months are free from school obligations, making them ideal for planning college visits, especially for schools farther from home. But does going on college visits mean sacrificing summer vacation? Not necessarily. There are …
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The First Step In The College Search Process:  Decide What You Want

What do you want out of a college? college search
Starting your search for the right college can be daunting. There are over 5,000 colleges and universities to choose from around the country, and they all have something to offer, whether it is state-of-the-art technology labs, well-equipped gym facilities or an active campus that bustles with intelligent, like-minded people.  How do you know which one …
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