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5 Benefits Of Going To A College Fair

If you are in the process of searching for colleges, you should take the time to attend at least one college fair. It’s a great place to learn more about the colleges you’re interested in and talk to people with first-hand experience. By attending, you can better cultivate an ideal college list. Here are 5 …
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The Importance Of Visiting A College Before You Apply

With all of the details readily available online, is it really worth taking the time and trouble to visit colleges in person? No matter how much information a college may offer through their website, there is a lot that remains unsaid. Besides, all that information has been compiled by a staff member and what you …
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How To Use Winter Break to Your College Prep Advantage

Your winter holiday break gives you a chance to get away from your classes, but you can actually use this time to your college prep advantage. Here’s how to prepare for college even while you’re celebrating with family and ringing in the new year. How To Prepare for College During Your Holiday Break By the …
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4 Things To Do Before You Go On A College Visit

College visits play an important role in the college short-listing process. Getting a first-hand look and feel of the campus and its facilities can help you make an informed decision about which college fits your personality and academic goals. Making a college visit checklist is the best way to make the most of your campus visits. …
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College Visit Pro Tip: Read A Student Newspaper

Have an upcoming college visit planned? There are a number of things you should do while you’re there! Sit in on a class, talk to students, meet with faculty, dine in the cafeteria, and spend a night in the dorm. There’s one more thing you should add to that list while you are at it. Pick …
South Dakota State University - tuition is something to consider when deciding between in-state or out-of-state colleges
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How To Decide Between In-State Or Out-Of-State Colleges

For most students, the first thing that comes to mind when deciding between an in-state college and an out-of-state college is how far away from home the college is located. Some students feel more comfortable knowing they are closer to home, while others can’t wait to begin their adventure far away. But there’s more than …
Florida State University campus - location of a college can help narrow your college list
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5 Tips and Tricks to Narrow Your College List

Choosing which college to attend can be a big challenge. Should you stick close to home or should you choose a college far away? Should you choose a campus in the city or in a rural setting? Small or large? Liberal or research? What are the factors you should consider to make this important decision? If …
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How to Search for a Grad School

Are you interested in attending grad school after you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree? It’s important to weigh your options carefully before deciding on a school! Here’s how you can start that search for the perfect place to earn your Master’s. Start Early It’s important to start as early as possible when it comes to finding …