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4 Things To Do Before You Go On A College Visit

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College visits play an important role in the college short-listing process. Getting a first-hand look and feel of the campus and its facilities can help you make an informed decision about which college fits your personality and academic goals. Making a college visit checklist is the best way to make the most of your campus visits. …
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How to Search for a Grad School

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Are you interested in attending grad school after you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree? It’s important to weigh your options carefully before deciding on a school! Here’s how you can start that search for the perfect place to earn your Master’s. Start Early It’s important to start as early as possible when it comes to finding …
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The Many Benefits of Community Colleges

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Each year students graduating high school are forced to face the realities of their next steps. Finding an appropriate college for themselves (and their future career) is one of those steps. Community college is a great alternative to traditional universities for the student who is reluctant to go to college, or who simply doesn’t feel …
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How to Choose Between Public or Private College

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Choosing the right college or university can be a difficult decision. Academics, major fields of study, and campus size are just some of the many factors prospective students should consider when looking for a college that is a good fit for their personality as well as their academic and career goals. One of the factors …
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