Why is Princeton University a Top-Rated School?

Princeton University is regularly named one of the best schools in the United States by College Raptor, and for 2024, it made the list of Top 50 Best Colleges once again. Let’s explore why Princeton is considered such a good school.

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Princeton University Was Ranked #2 by College Raptor for 2024

College Raptor released our 2024 Top 50 Best Colleges earlier this year and named Princeton University the #2 school in the country! Our rankings consider a multitude of factors when we name the top colleges and universities in the United States. Some of the things we look at include graduation rates, endowment available, diversity, student-to-faculty ratio, programs available, and more.

We also named Princeton to other “top” lists including

A Brief History of Princeton University

Originally known as the College of New Jersey, Princeton University was founded in 1746 and is the fourth oldest institution of higher learning in the country. The college came about because of a split in the Presbyterian church after the Great Awakening. It’s also one of the nine colonial colleges which means it was founded before the American Revolution. In 1756, the school moved from Newark to Princeton and got its current moniker in 1896 when the college officially became a university. 

Fun Facts:

  • Number of Students: 8,842
  • Religious Affiliation: None
  • School Motto: Dei Sub Numine Viget (Latin for “Under God’s Power She Flourishes”)
  • Newspaper: The Daily Princetonian
  • Student Nickname: The Tigers
  • School Colors: black and orange
  • Mascot: The Tiger
  • Some Famous Alumni: James Madison, Aaron Burr, Sonia Sotomayor, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pete Conrad, Jimmy Stewart, Brook Shields

Why is Princeton University A Top Rated School?

Princeton University is generally considered one of the best universities in the world. With a faculty of accomplished scholars and researchers who are leaders in their field, a very small student-to-faculty ratio, research opportunities, and a generous endowment program, the university has a lot to offer its students. Graduates can also take advantage of the alumni network which can provide connections for unique career opportunities. In addition, Princeton boasts a stunning campus with buildings dating back to the 1750s, and the school is dedicated to public service through community engagement and other programs.

The Stats

  • Four Year Graduation Rate: 88%
    • #6 in the Mid-East
  • Student-to-Faculty ratio: 5:1
    • #3 in the Mid-East
  • First Year Retention Rate: 97%
    • #23 in the United States
  • Endowment: $25,944,283,000
    • #4 in the United States
  • Diversity: #1 in New Jersey

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Princeton?

Out of 38,019 applications received in the 2022 admissions cycle, only 2,281 students were accepted for a 6% acceptance rate. Getting into Princeton University is tough! But there are steps you can take today to increase your chances:

1. Have a Strong GPA and ACT/SAT Result

Did you know that the average GPA for accepted students at Princeton is around 4.0? Aiming high for your grades if you want to get into the university is an absolute must. Many students even had a GPA higher than a 4.0 so you’re up against stiff competition.

While Princeton University is no longer requiring the SAT or ACT for incoming students, it’s still recommended that you take the exam. This could give you a leg up against other applicants. The average SAT Combined score during the last admissions cycle was between 1490 and 1540. Students who took the ACT and were accepted to Princeton scored between a 34 and a 35. So doing well on these standardized tests is a high priority. 

2. Showcase Your Passion for Learning

The classroom is great for learning, but it’s not the end-all-be-all for education. By showing initiative and getting involved in academic competitions, research, individual projects, and other passion projects, you can show Princeton your commitment. Reading, playing a musical instrument, and other activities can also showcase your passion for learning.

3. Get Involved Outside the Classroom

As mentioned previously, grades matter but don’t get hung up on them too much. Princeton University wants to see you get involved in your community. This could be through work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, leadership positions in clubs, community service projects, and more.

4. Craft a Well Rounded Application

Having lower than the average GPA or SAT/ACT test results doesn’t automatically rule you out of an acceptance letter from Princeton. What’s more important than anything else is the need for a well-rounded application. Make sure yours showcases your community involvement, extracurriculars, leadership skills, and other accomplishments you’re proud of. Build yourself up. Take your time on your application to make it as strong as possible and put some serious work into the essay.

Princeton is one of the oldest schools in the country and one of the best in the world. If you’re thinking about applying there, you’ll be joining in good company. Learn more about Princeton University, the stats, and the school’s rankings here.

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