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How Much Do College Ratings Actually Matter?

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Most high school students will take a look at college ratings when working on their shortlist of colleges to apply to. Admittedly, finding your preferred colleges features high on the college ratings list can be quite a relief. It feels like some sort of endorsement – if a college is highly rated it must be …
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Creating A Final Choice College Checklist

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Sending out college applications is both expensive and time-consuming. So you want to make sure that you have narrowed down your college list as much as possible. The only schools you apply to should tick all the boxes on your final choice college checklist. But how do you cultivate that checklist? Why It’s Important to …
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The 5 Best Humidifier Choices For Your College Dorm

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Dry weather can leave your skin cracked and lips chapped. When you’re uncomfortable in your own room, studying is that much more annoying. If you need a little extra moisture in the air, then these are some of the best humidifier choices for your dorm or apartment.  URPOWER Color Changer Humidifier This hard-plastic, hard-working wonder …
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5 Message Board Options for Dorm Rooms

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You and your dorm mates probably have very different class schedules. During the day, it can be difficult to get a hold of one another. You can always text, but you also don’t want to text someone mid class or, even worse, mid test. A message board can help you guys jot down what needs …
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How To Narrow Your College Choices Fast

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Creating a shortlist of colleges to apply to and then narrowing down that list takes some time. Ideally, you should start your search for potential colleges while you are in your junior year, if not sooner. May 1st is the deadline for selecting your college, and it’s fast approaching. You might need to narrow your …
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5 Benefits Of Going To A College Fair

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Asking yourself, where should I go to college? If you are in the process of searching for colleges, you should take the time to attend at least one college fair. It’s a great place to learn more about the colleges you’re interested in and talk to people with first-hand experience. By attending, you can better …
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