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Why is Yale University a Top Rated School?

One school in the United States that regularly makes top-rated lists? Yale University. And for 2024, College Raptor ranked Yale University #4 in the Top 50 Best Colleges List. Keep reading to see why Yale is deserving of this spot, what makes it a fantastic university, and what good students can do to increase their …
Delaware State University - Best HBCUs
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Colleges in Delaware and Why You Should Go To School There

Are you trying to decide where you want to attend college? The First State, or Delaware, may just be the first state on your list. Between New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C ., the area has plenty to offer its students and residents. We’ve outlined some of the top colleges in Delaware and listed …
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Colleges in Connecticut and Why You Should Go to School There

Also known as the Constitution State, Connecticut is home to the white oak, mountain laurel, gorgeous fall colors, and the American robin. Connecticut is also home to some of the best colleges in the United States! If you’re planning to go to college in this great state, you won’t be disappointed. There is plenty for …
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Colleges in California and Why You Should Go To School There

When you hear of California, what do you think of? The beaches? The food? The national and state parks? The state of California is a truly diverse state, and, especially when it comes to the terrain, one of the most diverse places in the world. You can find beautiful beaches, snowfall, deserts, high mountain peaks, …
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Types of Student Housing

One of the most exciting things about going to college may be getting to live on your own with new friends (roommates). But, not knowing your student housing situation can be nerve-wracking. This is why we are breaking down some of the most common types of student housing for college students. On-Campus Housing When it …
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Colleges in Arizona and Why Should Go to School There

If you love the heat and expansive desert landscape, you might just want to attend a college in Arizona! The Grand Canyon state is the sunniest state in the United States (though it does snow in places, too). The state is also home to some unique experiences, locations, and, of course, schools. If you’re thinking …
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Why is Princeton University a Top-Rated School?

Princeton University is regularly named one of the best schools in the United States by College Raptor, and for 2024, it made the list of Top 50 Best Colleges once again. Let’s explore why Princeton is considered such a good school. Princeton University Was Ranked #2 by College Raptor for 2024 College Raptor released our …
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Your 3 City Guide to CollegeFest

Does your city have a CollegeFest? Three major cities – Rochester, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA – have their own CollegeFests available for their students, but each one is very different! We outlined what you can expect at these events and why you should definitely plan to go to your city’s CollegeFest this year. …

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