Do Community Colleges Have Dorms?

A majority of community colleges do not have dorms available to their students. While there are definitely exceptions, they are rare. Most 4-year colleges and universities offer some sort of student housing. Here’s a deeper dive into why community colleges don’t tend to have dorms, plus a rundown of your other options if you need a place to stay while you attend school.

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Do Community Colleges Have Dorms?

In most cases, community colleges, also known as 2-year colleges, will not have dorms available for their students. A 2016 report shows that 28% of community colleges offer some sort of student housing, but only one percent of students actually choose to live on campus! These ones that do offer dorms are scattered throughout the country, though, and it may come down to luck whether or not one is near you.

These schools are also unlikely to have housing for all of their students. If you need a dorm room while attending a community college, it’s important to jump on that list as soon as possible as they may very well run out quickly!

Why Do Most Community Colleges Not Have Dorms?

For the most part, community colleges don’t offer student housing because there isn’t a demand for it. A majority of students will come from the local area, be studying online, and/or only be attending part-time. Many will also decide to stay with their parents during this time to save money. And community colleges tend to have smaller student bodies and campuses compared to ones that offer bachelor’s programs.

At four-year colleges, students may come from all over the country and it isn’t feasible to have all students rent in town or a nearby city. It would drive up home and rent prices (which students may have trouble affording), contribute to excess traffic, and possibly cause issues within the community. In these cases, dorm rooms are a necessity in order to best serve students and the community.

How Can You Find Community Colleges That Have Dorm Rooms?

There are a few different ways to find community colleges that go against the grain and offer dorm rooms, including:

  • College Raptor’s College Match Tool. Our College Match resource allows you to input what you’re looking for in higher education. If you’re looking for a 2-year school that has dorm rooms, you can provide these details and it will return with the results! And it’s free!
  • Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a list, although incomplete, of some community colleges that offer dorm rooms to their students. It also goes into technical colleges that have student housing.
  • Google Search. And, of course, there’s always Google! You can search for local community colleges that have traditional college living opportunities.

What Are Your Other Options?

While you can absolutely try to find a community college that offers dorm rooms, it isn’t always possible to do so. You do have other options, including:


This is an option for students attending a community college or a 4-year program. Students can absolutely choose to rent an apartment, a home, or a condo in the nearby community. Many do opt for roommates though to keep costs down.

And, in some cases, renting may actually be cheaper (and roomier) than getting a dorm room! Check the local market to see what to expect before signing up for housing.

You may have to get a part or full-time job, though, to afford rent.

Continue Living With Your Parents

If you’re attending a local 2-year school, you may want to talk to your parents about them letting you stay at home while you attend. Many parents understand the costs of renting and will support you in any way they can to help you further your education.

Consider Attending a 4 Year College

Another option is to simply attend a 4 year school. While this isn’t possible for all students, it may be something to consider if you’re in a bind. A majority of student loans and scholarships can be put towards room and board expenses, too.

Attending a bachelor’s program over an associate’s, however, is a big decision. And it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before switching up your education plan.

While most community colleges won’t have dorms, there are definitely out there that don’t fit this mold. You may even live near one! If you have your heart set on attending a 2-year school that offers student housing, it’s time to get searching.


Want a bit of assistance on that search? You can use our College Match tool for free! Simply sign up here to get started and discover community colleges with dorm rooms that may not be far from you!