7 Rugs for College Dorms

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Dorm room floors can feel cold and hard, especially if you love walking around your room barefooted. This issue can be resolved easily with a rug! Check out these rugs that we found for your dorm room. They’ll give your feet a break and brighten up your room too.  

Ottomanson Shag Area Rug

Ottomanson rugsThis shaggy area rug will feel warm and comfortable under your feet. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better on a cold winter morning when you live in a dorm or in a room with a tile floor. The Ottomanson Shag Area Rug comes in a wide range of great colors, from charcoal grey and cream to bright orange, deep red and many more. Whether you are looking for an understated color or you prefer a hue that pops you’re sure to find one that suits your dorm décor. It’s tough enough to withstand regular heavy traffic and easy to clean with just a light vacuuming.

DII Contemporary Floor Rug

DII Contemporary Reversible rugsIf you’re into up-cycling or recycling, then you’ll love this colorful rug. No two are alike. All DII contemporary reversible floor rugs are made from old rags, recycled materials, and worn clothes. These scraps are woven into these rugs that go with just about any décor, and are right at home, no matter where you put them. These rugs are made from 100% cotton and can easily be machine-washed and hung to dry. You can choose from rectangular or round shaped rugs in various dimensions.

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe rugsnuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rugs are available in several dimensions and color combinations, so you are sure to find a size that’s perfect for your dorm room and a color scheme that complements your decorations. The pattern on the rug is quite unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Machine-made from 100% polypropylene, these rugs are durable and easy to clean

Mohawk Home New Wave Rug

Mohawk Home New Wave rugsThis colorful rug from Mohawk is as durable as it is beautiful. Guaranteed to cheer you up even on the gloomiest day, this rug is easy to clean, easy to move, and looks great no matter where you put it.  This would also make an excellent first throw rug for an apartment, and it fits well into small spaces. Give your dorm room a pop of color with the Mohawk Home New Wave Rug.

Safavieh Diamond Trellis Rug

Safavieh Hudson Shag College rugsThis soft, durable, high-pile rug will make you think you’re walking on a cloud. Dense fibers and a plush hand give this rug its shape, while the materials are durable. This rug won’t shed, either, which means you can keep it clean with just a light vacuuming. We’ve chosen the light option, but there are lots of colors to choose from with this rug, so pick the one you like best.

Persian Rugs Modern Abstract Area Rug

2305 Gray Black Red White Swirls rugsIf you love bright, bold colors and stunning abstract art, this rug is perfect for you. The Modern Abstract Area Rug comes in a range of color palettes and dimensions. The abstract pattern is as stunning to look at and the rug is plush and soft to walk on. No matter what color you choose, you’re sure to be pleased with this delightfully modern piece of floor art.

Safavieh California Premium Shag Round Rug

Safavieh California Premium rugsThis premium shag rug is warm, plush, and soft, and you’ll love putting bare feet on it first thing on a cold morning. The Safavieh California Premium Shag Round Rug comes in myriad colors, shapes, and styles to choose from so you can choose a color and size that works for your dorm room size and décor. You’ll love that luxurious feeling as you step on the dense pile of this shag rug.  

Give your room a pop of color and sophistication with one or more of these rugs.

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