6 Handy Space Savers for College Dorms

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Dorm rooms are small and have limited storage options. They are, after all, temporary housing. But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer with clutter or bring a limited supply of your favorite things. We’ve found six space savers that can help you keep everything together and organized. And your room will look neat and tidy too.

24 Pocket Clear Door Hanging Organizer by Simple Houseware

SimpleHouseware over the door organizerThis clear door-hanging shoe organizer is perfect for the shoe-lover who wants to keep their favorites nearby at all times. With the clear pockets you can see all your shoes at a glance. No need to waste time everyday looking for the perfect pair for your outfit. The pockets also protect your shoes from dust and damage. This 24-pocket clear door-hanging organizer can also be used to organize small items or jewelry, too. The possibilities are endless with this innovative little organizer.

5-Shelf Hanging Organizer by ZOBER

ZOBER shelf hanging close organizerMost dorm closets don’t even have enough room, let alone a small shelf to put things in. The ZOBER 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer provides the ideal solution. Make a little extra space on one end of your closet. Then hang this little 5-shelf wonder for added storage and space. Good for hats, a few sweaters, handbags, or a few pairs of shoes. Once you see how everything fits neatly away, you’ll wonder how you lived without this space-saving organizer.

Underbed Storage Bag Organizers (2 Pack) by Seckon

Seckon underbed space saversThese under-bed storage bags organizers by Seckon are good for bulky items like winter jackets or extra blankets. It even has handles so you can use it to move items from place to place easily. They are much more convenient than milk crates and garbage bags, and far more attractive. The zippers keep your things secure and the fabric is waterproof so your belongings will remain clean and dry.

32 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer by MISSLO

Misslo jewelry organizerThis hanging jewelry organizer is perfect for those who don’t want to bring their entire jewelry box to school with them. Hang necklaces on one side and store earrings and bracelets on the other. You could even keep a small keyring on here! You can choose from a sleek black or a sophisticated beige version.

Mesh Shower Caddy Tote by Haundry

Haundry mesh shower caddyYou can stuff this mesh shower caddy tote to maximum capacity, and it will retain its shape and keep your belongings dry. Made with quick-dry mesh, this little shower caddy can be used for all your showering necessities. Great for stashing in your dorm room or carrying along to the gym. You could also use it for crafts, pens, pencils, art supplies, and anything else you need to keep yourself organized.

Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin by Sorbus

Sorbus foldable storage cubesThese colorful, foldable cubes are perfect for a dorm room or small apartment with limited space. No matter what color you choose, you’ll always be pleased when you use these foldable storage cube basket bins. Small, foldable, and easy to keep clean, these little cubes can keep everything organized and handy for when you need them. Mix and match with your roommate for some fun pops of color in an otherwise dreary dorm room.

Maximize your dorm room with these handy space savers!

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