Advice for Moving Into College Dorms

Congratulations! You are going to college. Days in which you will meet new people, learn new things and have a lot of fun are yet to come. College years represent one of the best periods of life. We are young, entering new territory and probably moving out. Personally, moving to campus on my freshman year was one of the best decision I have ever made. You socialize with people from all around the world, learn how to coexist with someone else, whom you will known as your roommate, and the best part if you ask me, you are so close to your classes you have extra time in the morning to sleep in.

But before you get all excited and start picturing yourself waking up ten minutes before your class, read these tips in order to make your move-in day as smooth and easy as possible. Make a list on what you will need: a couple of dishes, silverware, a nice bottle, a microwave and a mini fridge (if the dorm does not give you one), pillows, a lamp, electric extension and so on. Make a list and take your time with it so you don’t forget to buy a single thing.

Get to know your roommate before buying important items

Dorms generally give you your roommate’s name just so you can get in touch with them. Get to know them and plan who will take what to the dorm. Having two fridges and no microwave won’t help anybody.

Pack by utility

A box or suitcase with day to day clothes, another one with dressier clothes, one with silverware or things you’ll need if you feel like cooking one day (most dorms have a general kitchen), bedding things such as cushions, covers and pillows in another one, etc. At first this may not look like much, but believe me, once you are all moved in and can’t find your laptop charger you will regret not doing it.

Re-read the instructions the campus sends you

Someone from the campus or maybe even you R.A (Resident Assistant or Resident Advisor) will send you instruction week prior to your move in so you can start developing your plan. Is very important you read them because you won’t find any better advice that the one they give you there. Also some dorms tend to divide move-in day into sections, make sure you check the time you are supposed to move, don’t be late or it may turn messy.

Bring lots of plastic bins when moving in

Dorms don’t have a lot of space to storage things, so a couple of big plastic bins are the most useful thing you will own. They are transparent so you can see what is inside without having to open them. You can put them one on top of the other under your bed turning it into a storage instead of lost space.

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