What is a Technical School?

Not sure that traditional college is for you after your high school graduation? You don’t necessarily have to enter the workforce right away. You could benefit from attending a technical school and it could help you onto a great career path. Here’s a rundown of what a technical school is, what you can expect from the classes, and the benefits of attending one.

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What is a Technical School?

A technical school is an organization that offers associates degrees and/or certifications required for certain jobs. They can take between one to four years, depending on the program, while also costing much less than Bachelor’s degrees. These schools will teach you the necessary skill sets required to perform a job, and, in most cases, you’ll be able to enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

Although technical schools are often used as a synonym for “trade schools,” there are differences. Trade schools tend to be more hands-on rather than lecture-based, like technical schools. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though, so the differences between the two aren’t always obvious. But trade schools do often focus on more labor-related jobs such as auto mechanics, carpenters, and electricians. Technical schools can help you enter fields such as IT, nursing, and design.

Both technical and trade schools are considered “vocational schools.”

What Will You Learn There?

Students attending a technical school can expect to learn the skills necessary to enter a particular field or career upon graduation. This could be in the culinary arts, computer technology, fashion, or another option. Programs available will vary quite a bit from school to school, but unlike college, classes will be focused solely on your intended career path. You will not be required to take general education courses.

These are generally careers that require some additional education after high school but not four years or a Bachelor’s degree. Some high school students may be given the option to attend a technical school during their senior year, too.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Technical School?

There is a wide range of benefits of attending a technical school. Some to note include:

  • Entering the skilled workforce quickly.
  • Graduating with the necessary certifications or degrees for your career or future education.
  • Creating a foundation for further education in the field.
  • You can always go on to earn a Bachelor’s in your intended field once you get your Associate’s!
  • More affordable than 4-year colleges.
  • Hands-on experiences.
  • The programs aren’t competitive like a college.
  • Technical schools help with job placement.

Before deciding on a technical school, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of attending while also assessing your individual needs, wants, goals, and circumstances. Whether or not you attend really depends on your career goals. If you can enter your intended field by attending a technical school rather than a four-year college, it may be beneficial to do so.

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