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5 Colleges with Beautiful Gardens

Whether the weather seems like it or not (looking at you, Midwest), spring is upon us: Greenery is popping out of the ground; trees have new budding leaves; campus gardens are becoming the places to be once again. Here are just a few (of the many) colleges with gorgeous campus gardens. Georgia Southern University – …

What to Avoid in the ACT Reading Section

Everyone gets a little jittery before a big test, but that’s totally normal! What’s important to remember is all the practicing and studying you’ve been doing, especially for something like the ACT. The ACT tests your skills, so here are some common mistakes to avoid when taking the reading section. Reading too fast. When you …
Avoid these mistakes on the ACT writing section

ACT Prep: What to Avoid on the Writing Section

Ah, the “optional” writing test on the ACT. 40 minutes of attempting to write a cohesive essay after every teacher you’ve ever had has said, “You can’t write a good essay overnight.” It’s difficult, true, but your essay doesn’t have to be the best you’ve ever written. Here are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid …
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5 Exciting Scholarship Contests

It’s amazing how many ways you can turn your passions and hobbies into scholarship money for college. Here are five exciting scholarship contests! Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Award: Varies Deadline: TBD for 2021 (Opens September 2020) The Scholastic Art & Writing competition covers a large variety of creative works. In fact, students can compete …

SAT Section Advice: Reading

While the SAT creators say that the new test has the same amount of words as the old, outside analysts argue that the context of those words has changed. Some math problems have more reading than the old ones. The reading passages have increased in length, and there is much more focus on gaining information …
Start narrowing down college choices!
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How To Start Narrowing Down Your Final College Choices

Your acceptance letters have come in. Congratulations! But now comes the time to start narrowing down your college choices. For some people, it’s easy. For others, it takes a little while. Here are some tricks to lead you closer to your pick. Know your priorities. Start narrowing down college choices by thinking about your priorities. …
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5 Scholarships for Gamers

When it comes to the world of gaming, progress continues to be made. Console and PC games are considered by many to be works of art. Games on handheld devices such as phones and iPads are also becoming increasingly popular. It is a great time to be going to school for game design! As such, …
The first ACT was rolled out in 1959.

What Did the First ACT Test Look Like?

As far as standardized tests go, nothing much has changed about the ACT since its conception. The test has always been composed of four sections. The sections when the test first rolled out in 1959 were English, mathematics, social studies, and natural science. The ACT has always been an achievement test—a study of what you …