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Scholarships for Food Science Majors

Ah, food. We all have great memories surrounding it—from Thanksgiving to 4th of July BBQs, to family recipes and traditional delicacies from all around the world. Food brings us together and satisfies our taste-buds. People share their cultures through food, and food creates long-lasting relationships. In our day and age, there are so many food …
When's the best time to visit a college, summer, spring, winter, or fall?
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The Pros and Cons of Different Times to Visit Colleges

You’ve probably heard various opinions on when you should plan to do your college visits. During the school year? Summer break? Winter break? Spring semester or fall semester? Here are some quick pros and cons for each visit option. Summer Break Visit Pros: You don’t have to worry about missing school. You see the school …
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4 Ways to Manage Your Time on the ACT/SAT

One of the most crucial things to manage when taking standardized tests is your time. It can make all the difference, letting you feel comfortable and in control than rather than rushed. Practice Makes Better Timing yourself on practice exams will help you understand how to work most efficiently. You want to be able to …
Grow your scholarship money from outside scholarships!
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The Pros and Cons of Outside Scholarships

One great way to pay for college is scholarships. Scholarships are gift-aid, meaning that you don’t need to repay anything. Many people think of college scholarships as coming only from the government or from colleges themselves—and most do. However, there are many other “outside” scholarships that can also offer aid. Community centers, private companies, and other …
You should consider taking summer classes.
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Why You Should Consider Taking Summer Classes

While the prospect of a relaxing summer sounds delightful, it might be time to consider summer courses. Internships and jobs are important to consider as well. Each course of action has its own pros and cons. Here are a few reasons to think about the choice of summer classes. Taking summer classes during college In …
Studying for the SAT and ACT is probably the last thing you want to do.

Why You Should Study for the ACT/SAT During the Summer Break

I know, summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation. No classwork, no school requirements, just lounging, or a summer job, or vacation. But there are benefits to studying over your summer break. It might be the most crucial time to study for the ACT or SAT before you take it. Start the summer …
Have you considered going to an ACT / SAT summer camp?

What Are ACT/SAT Summer Camps?

When people imagine summer camps, intensive study sessions probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. And yet, that option is available for ACT/SAT test prep. Summer programs vary: There are online options available, meaning you can do all this studying at home. But there are also very real camps that you go to, …
Mascots - Tufts University – Jumbo the Elephant
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College Mascots with Interesting Histories

Often the face of a university, mascots are the epicenter of school spirit and hype when it comes to college sports. Many mascots are inspired by history or specially created by the student body. Some mascots, however, have a more interesting story behind them than others. Auburn University – “War Eagle” There are various legends …