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Here are the best study abroad programs
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Top Ranked Colleges for Students Interested in International Studies and Study Abroad

The prospect of going abroad or learning about governments and cultures besides those in the USA can be a strong draw for some students. There are plenty of schools that offer great programs. Whether you want to travel the world, help teach languages, do international business, or something else entirely. If you’re interested in majoring …
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What Is Economic Hardship Deferment?

Economic Hardship Deferment is a student loan borrower protection. It allows borrowers to temporarily defer payments toward their loans. If the borrower has a subsidized loan, it will not accrue interest throughout the deferment period. Deferment periods are taken in one-year increments, up to three years total. This deferment plan is only eligible to people …
Stay safe and learn about your student loan borrower protections
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A Breakdown of Student Loan Borrower Protections

Taking out student loans is a huge commitment that can potentially greatly impact your life after college. When taking out student loans, borrowers need to be aware of the loan borrower protections they have. It’s very important to do plenty of research into student loan borrower protections before signing the dotted line. Read the fine …
What are the pros and cons of job shadowing?
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Pros and Cons of Job Shadowing

If you’re not quite certain about a professional field, job shadowing is a great option to consider. It’s also a good way for employers to train new employees so that they aren’t being thrown into the deep end, as it were. This is generally a useful time to ask questions about the field and get advice …
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Colleges for Students Interested In Space!

There are plenty of reasons for people to like space. Space is cool. It’s a great medium to work with problem-solving skills. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to go up in a rocket? There are plenty of job opportunities for people interested in space, too. Here’s a list of schools that might be …
Use your summer to have essay-worthy experiences
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Use the Summer to Cultivate Essay-Worthy Experiences

As tempting as it is to lounge around all summer playing video games or binge-watching shows on Netflix, it’s going to be difficult to turn those experiences into application essays. (It might be possible, but probably not.) So it might be a good idea to use the time to explore your options. How to use …
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Reasons Why You Should Revisit Colleges

When it comes to finding the right “fit” with a college, visiting campus is almost essential. The space around you can have a huge impact on your psychological well-being. If you don’t feel happy wandering around campus, it will be a rough four or five years ahead. That’s why you should revisit a college. So …
What happens to your original loan when you refinance
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What Happens to Your Original Loan When You Refinance?

Let’s assume you’ve taken out student loans and need to start repaying them. There are several options available when it comes to making paying off student loans more bearable. Refinancing is a popular option. But what does refinancing entail, and how is it different from your original loan? What even happens to your original loan …