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What is the Common Black College Application?

The Common Application is well-known and well-used when it comes to applying to colleges. The Common Black College Application (CBCA) is a similar process with some key features. Whereas most of the time you pay application fees to each college you submit an application to, the Common Black College App allows you to apply to …
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Colleges for Students Who Like Extreme Sports

Some students are content to keep their workouts confined to the safety of a gym or recreation center. Then there are those students who live for the rush of adrenaline that only a more extreme stimulation can give. Few colleges sanction extreme sports due to the higher risk to students’ health, but if you live …
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Scholarships for Biomedical Science Students

“Biomedical Sciences” covers quite a bit of ground. For example, medical microbiology, virology, biomedical engineering, and genetic epidemiology, to name a few. If it’s an applied science that has a basis in healthcare or public health, you’re likely in a biomedical field. Many undergraduates pursuing this Bachelor’s degree likely have to go on to graduate-level …
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Deciding Who to Job Shadow

Job shadowing someone is a great way to learn information about careers you’re interested in. You likely have an intended career path or field, making some decisions easier than others. If you want to get into wedding photography. For example, you’re not going to follow a muralist or an HR head. But figuring out who …
Here's some college advice on what NOT to do on a campus visit.
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Things You Should NOT Do on Your College Visit

There are probably a million things that we can suggest for you to do on a college visit. How you tackle your college visit is up to you. However, we put together some college advice on some things that you absolutely shouldn’t do on your visit. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions Whether these …
Burch the Bear has an interesting history.
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College Mascots with Interesting Histories (Part Two)

College mascots are oftentimes the rallying symbol or figure of school spirit. Things are way more exciting with a mascot around—and these mascots have an interesting history behind them. Check out our first list! University of Iowa, Burch the Bear Nowadays, every Iowa fan knows Herky by name. Small children line up to have their …
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Myths You May Have Heard About Internships

Internships have become an almost vital part of modern job hunts. They are the experience we often need to get entry-level positions outside of retail or food service. Like many other topics in college, they are often surrounded by a series of common myths. So let’s get a few things straight. Myth #1: You can’t …
Joe Biden was a commencement speaker for Cornell University.
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The Celebrity Commencement Speakers for the Class of 2017

We are in the midst of graduation season. And, there are plenty of reasons seniors are happy about that. For many schools across the country, one of the graduates gives a short speech. At some universities, though, we hear words of wisdom (hopefully) from award-winning authors, famous actors, and political figures. Here are some highlights …
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Scholarships for Students With Diabetes

Going to college while maintaining good health is difficult enough for students without life-long diseases. Managing insulin and blood sugar levels on campus, away from family members who know exactly what to do should anything go wrong, can sometimes be a trick and a half. Financial stress can add to the problem, what with rising …