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Take great notes in class so you're prepared for tests
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How To Take Great Notes!

Notes are essential to the successful college student. Good notes can be the difference between passing a test and failing. I know I took my first year or two to discover how I needed to take great notes. Here is a short list of suggestions to help new students out: Organize The biggest thing I …
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6 More Unique Scholarships

Most scholarships can be neatly divided by specific categories. There are scholarships for the everyday student, for specific majors, for athletes, for minorities–the list goes on. But there are also some wacky, out-of-the-box scholarships available. Here are six more unique scholarships. National Potato Council Scholarship Amount: $10,000 Deadline: Mid-June, Annual (Opens Spring 2020) Are you …
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3 Scholarships for Hispanic and Latina Women

Though people tend to use the two terms interchangeably, there is a difference. Hispanic refers to those of Spanish-speaking origin, while Latino/a refers to those of Latin American origin. That said, both groups face underrepresentation in the media and in professional positions, especially the women. Therefore, we’ve highlighted just a few scholarships for Hispanic and …
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5 Scholarships for Students in South Dakota

South Dakota. A vast land where buffalo once wandered freely. The beauty of the Badlands and the Black Hills holds a special place for many. Though the state hosts the 5th smallest population of the United States (6th if you count Washington D.C.), it is home to one of the most memorable monuments to four presidents–Mount …
I'm glad I had older sisters who went to college before me.
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What I Wish My Sisters Had Told Me About College

There are definitely perks to having older siblings around. I graduated high school believing that I had a decent grasp on what college would be like. I was doubly blessed because I had two older sisters who went to different schools and had different experiences. However, I was going into uncharted territory. Both of them …