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Have you considered going to an ACT / SAT summer camp?

What Are ACT/SAT Summer Camps?

When people imagine summer camps, intensive study sessions probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. And yet, that option is available for ACT/SAT test prep. Summer programs vary: There are online options available, meaning you can do all this studying at home. But there are also very real camps that you go to, …
Mascots - Tufts University – Jumbo the Elephant
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College Mascots with Interesting Histories

Often the face of a university, mascots are the epicenter of school spirit and hype! Some mascots, however, have more interesting stories to tell than others. Auburn University – “War Eagle” There are various legends as to how this unofficial “symbol of the Auburn spirit” came to be. The most popular legend is that a …
A woman kneeling and fixing the model's black dress.
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4 of the Best Colleges for Students Interested in Fashion

Whether it’s for fun or your intended career path, there are plenty of opportunities available for students interested in fashion. “Fashion,” of course, is a broad category: There’s design, marketing, photography, modeling, and other sub-categories. Here are some schools that have activities and programs for interested students. Lasell College – Newton, MA Lasell is well-known …
college social media
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Get Hyped for College with Social Media!

You’ve been accepted to schools, and you’ve finally made your decision about where you want to go. You’ve signed up for your dorm room and your meal plan, maybe even your classes. Now what? Time to explore via college social media! There’s a lot of college social media out there. Most colleges and universities have …
How long should you study for the SAT and ACT?

How Long Should I Study for the ACT and SAT?

Scoring well on standardized tests can help you get accepted by your dream college, so it’s important to study. But how long should you be studying? It’s a question many high school students face as they enter their junior years. There is no one answer, unfortunately: Necessary study time is derived from the individual. Start …
Save up any monetary gifts at your graduation party.
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Throwing a Graduation Party with College in Mind

It’s easy to get excited about your high school graduation and graduation party, and why shouldn’t you be? You’ve put in four years of effort for this moment. Enjoy it, savor it, but keep in mind that if you’re going to college in the fall, there are some ways to plan ahead. Save any monetary …
The kind of internship you want depends on your interests and goals
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What Kind of Internship Should I Look For?

It is well-known that to get a job in today’s society, one must have some form of experience. Internships are helpful in this regard: They are designed to give you experience. Sometimes they’re paid, which makes things a little easier. Many, however, will be “paying” you with experience and college credit. So other than that, …
CalTech has its own spring traditions.
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Five Fabulous College Campus Spring Traditions

Every school has their own set of traditions throughout the year. We’ve talked about some of the stranger ones, and many of the holiday ones. Here are some spring traditions that take place when it gets warmer! Liquid Latex at Brandeis University – Waltham, Massachusetts This tradition has been going on for over 15 years …