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What Is Tuition Assistance?

Tuition assistance programs are rewards that certain employers give you for going to school while working. The most well-known one is joining a branch of the military, whether through your campus’s ROTC branch or having served already. Such employers will offer aid to help pay for your schooling. How much aid depends on the company. …
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Why Companies Like Hiring Liberal Arts Majors

Sure, everyone may say that STEM and business majors are the ones set after college. But even CEOs are telling college students that they are hiring Liberal Arts majors and that Liberal Arts majors still have an important part to play in the future job market. Mark Cuban, businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, …
Summer internships can be competitive, so you should apply earlier than expected
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When to Start Searching for Summer Internships

Summer internships are great opportunities to gain some experience in your field (while hopefully getting paid, but you may get unpaid internships). Because most students don’t take summer courses, these internships can be competitive. It pays to start looking earlier than you think. Where can I look for summer internships? One option that students can …
What is an HBCU exactly?
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What Is An HBCU?

In your college explorations, you’ll hear the term “HBCU” tossed around every now and then about a school. These letters stand for “Historically Black College and/or University”. The name conveys a few facts about the associated schools. What is an HBCU? By hearing this acronym, you understand that people established these schools with the primary …
A lot of students are taking the ACT and SAT, but should you take both ACT and SAT
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Should I Take Both the ACT and SAT?

We’ve discussed some of the pros and cons of taking both ACT and SAT. Recent statistics show that many high school students—especially those applying to more exclusive schools—are taking both tests. But statistics cannot make a decision for you, especially when it is not necessary to take both standardized tests. Here are some questions you …
You should consider an overnight visit at the college of your choice
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Consider Going for an Overnight College Visit

While not as popular as an open house visit or traditional campus tours of the school, overnight college visits give you a better look at the inner workings of a school. One perk is that you will likely stay in the residence halls. You can get a feel for how dorm life works, check out …
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Colleges for Students Who Love Books!

Whether having loved reading since the early years or having only recently discovered the joys of the written word, a bibliophile is one who is rarely seen without a book. They often venture out of their written worlds to discuss characters, plots, and criticisms. They are found in all majors, not just English and Literature-related …