5 Scholarships for Gamers

In between school and other responsibilities, do you spend a lot of your time gaming? Or perhaps you’re pursuing a career in game development, art, design, programming, or something related? There are actually several scholarships available to students who consider themselves “gamers!” Keep reading to find out about four right off the bat, plus get some information on where to find others.

Two students holding video game controllers.1. Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program

Award – $1,000/year

Deadline – June 1

This annual scholarship is a great way to kick off your funding efforts for a degree in the field of animation. It is awarded to high school seniors. They must be pursuing a degree in animation, which includes Game Animation, Game Art, Game Design, Game Development, Game Management, and Game Production.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants must also submit their application form.
  • Submit an essay concerning “What specific skill do you most want to develop?” by the June 1st deadline.

2. Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Foundation

Award – $2,500 (students) or trivial stipend to video games conference (professionals)

Deadline – May 31

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has scholarships that are for undergraduates, graduates, and professionals who have just entered the video game industry. If you have an interest in game development or leadership, this may be the award for you. The foundation actually has several different scholarships with slightly different requirements, but it is recommended that you only apply to one of the available awards rather than multiple.

In addition to the monetary awards, winners will also be invited to the mentorship program, professional training and network opportunities, and potential additional workshops.

In order to apply, applicants must :

  • Have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be attending college full time or be within the first two years of their career in the video game industry.
  • Be over 21 years old.
  • Supply two letters of recommendation
  • Provide an online transcript, proof of enrollment, and/or proof of employment.
  • Write a personal statement.

3. Women in Animation Scholarship

Award – $2,000

Deadline – TBD 

Every year, the Women in Animation (WIA) Scholarship awards students across the globe with $2,000 to be put towards their education as well as access to workshops and other educational and networking opportunities. Applicants who identify themselves as women, non-binary, or an individual of an underrepresented gender identity and are pursuing an education and career in education are welcome to apply.

Those interested in applying must also:

  • Be an active WIA member.
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior in college, a graduate student, or be taking online courses that last a minimum of 3 to 6 months long.
  • Major in something related to animation production.
  • Have a 2.85 minimum GPA.
  • Supply a personal statement.
  • Submit 6-10 examples of artistic work.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation.
  • Show proof of enrollment and transcripts.

Although not required, it is recommended that applicants have a LinkedIn profile and a working portfolio online.

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4. ESA Foundation Scholarship Program

Award – $3,000

Deadline – April

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation has several different scholarships available to students interested in gaming! All awards are only for US citizens at the moment. The three scholarships and their qualification criteria include:

  1. The ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Arts and Sciences Scholarship.
    • Be a woman or minority.
    • Be pursuing a career and degree related to computer and video game arts and sciences.
    • Currently enrolled as a high school senior or in college (first year, sophomore, or junior)
    • Be attending college full time.
  2. The ESA Foundation LGBTQ+ Service Scholarship
    • Be a woman, nonbinary, gender non-confirming, LGBTQ+, or racial/ethnic minority.
    • Have experience with volunteer work in the LGBTQ+ community.
    • Be pursuing a career and degree related to computer and video game arts and sciences, competing on or managing the college esports team, and/or streaming content.
    • Be attending college full time.
  3. The ESA Foundation Esports Scholarship
    • Be a woman or minority.
    • Currently competing on the college esports team or be confirmed for the upcoming season.
    • Be a current high school senior or college student (first year, sophomore, or junior).
    • Be attending college full time.

5. University of California-Irvine eSports Scholarship

Award – Up to $6,000

Deadline – Contact school

For students who want to compete at a high level in video games, attending the University of California – Irvine can give you that opportunity – and with a scholarship! At the moment, UCI has three esports teams for Overwatch 2 (PC), Valorant, and League of Legends. However, they are currently not accepting applications for the Overwatch 2 team.

UCI students who are interested in applying must:

  • Have peaked at least at Grandmaster in League of Legends or Radiant in Valorant.
  • Complete the Recruitment Interest form.
  • Complete tryouts and make the roster.

Those on the varsity teams will receive up to $6,000. And players on the junior varsity teams can get up to $3,000. In addition to the scholarships, students will also have access to support staff including coaches, an exercise physiologist, a team psychologist, and others.

Gaming can be an excellent way to have fun and relax – and it may also help you pay for your college! These are just five of the many gaming scholarships out there, and with many schools adding their own esports teams to their campus, there will be more in the coming years! If you are interested in a Game Design Degree, check out the top 5 schools for this major and possible careers.

Want to find other gaming scholarships that can help you advance your passion, career, and education? Use our Scholarship Search Tool to easily find the awards you qualify for without the hassle right here.


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