What Are ACT/SAT Summer Camps?

Have you considered going to an ACT / SAT summer camp?

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When people imagine summer camps, intensive study sessions probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. And yet, that option is available for ACT/SAT test prep. Summer programs vary: There are online options available, meaning you can do all this studying at home. But there are also very real camps that you go to, such as 4 Star, where you learn study habits and take practice tests under real conditions.

Take advantage of these summer camps!

If you’re really serious about these tests, then an ACT / SAT summer camp might help. They give more structure to your studying (which, if you are someone who has a tough time maintaining concentration on your own, can be helpful). You’ll likely take each portion of the tests at least once during your stay. If you’re looking to raise your score, the camps could be a very good opportunity.

Where do you find them?

How do you find these opportunities? One of your best bets is to check out nearby colleges and universities for summer prep programs, as many of these camps seem to be affiliated with institutes of higher learning. These camps range in intensity as well as duration; options are available for one or two weeks at minimum. Some board the students in the dorms. Others have commuter options available. So go out and explore to see which ACT / SAT summer camp suits you.

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