2 FREE Ways to Improve Your ACT / SAT Score

Pixabay user Freeimages9

You shouldn’t have to pay for expensive private coaching classes to improve your ACT / SAT score. Instead, there are several free strategies that you can implement when you are looking for ways to boost your test scores. Here are two to start with:

Take Practice Tests With The Timer On

You can find several sample ACT and SAT tests online. The important thing is to set the timer before you start so you can time yourself. For many students, it is the very short time limit that is the most stressful aspect of taking these tests. Taking multiple practice tests will help you get more familiar with the format of the tests. It will also improve your timings which is a huge factor in improving test scores.

Self Studying Using Freely Available Resources

After you’ve taken a few mock ACT or SAT tests, you should have a pretty good idea of how you will fare and which are the areas that you need to improve on. If you find that you are weak in any one particular area, whether it is math, English, reading, or science, there are several excellent and freely available resources online that you can use to brush up your knowledge in that subject.