Pros And Cons Of Taking The ACT/SAT In The Summer

You should take the SAT or ACT test in the summer.

Flickr user Duke TIP

Taking the ACT and SAT in the summer may seem like a terrible way to spend your break. However, thoughts of ‘wasting’ your summer on preparing or taking the SAT or ACT test is just one downside. Other than this one con, there are several advantages of taking the ACT/SAT in the summer.

You have more free time.

For one thing, it allows students to sit for the exam when they are free from their academic responsibilities. Taking the ACT/SAT at any other time would mean juggling classroom work, preparing for other school exams, completing homework, and other assignments, and also finding time to participate in extracurricular activities. With so much going on, it can be hard to focus on test prep, resulting in overall lower scores.

You get it over with sooner.

Secondly, it allows students to take the test early in the application season. With all the testing done, students can focus on their college applications without additional stress.

Last but not least, taking the summer test gives students another chance to get the results in plenty of time for early application deadlines.

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