SAT/ACT Prep Guide During Summer Break

This SAT and ACT prep guide for the summer will help you start studying.

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Preparing for the ACT and SAT during summer break can sound like a drag. Who wants to sit home and study when the weather is inviting you to spend more time outdoors? Well, you don’t have to spend all 24 hours of the day trying to ace the ACT and SAT. A few hours will suffice.

This SAT / ACT Prep Guide will help you to study without ruining your summer entirely.

Create A Study Schedule & Commit To It

Without a schedule, it’s easy to let the days slip by without doing any ACT or SAT prep. It’s easy to schedule in a little an hour or so of study time every day in the morning so you have the rest of the day free or maybe you prefer to hit the beach in the morning and study at night. Whatever works for it is okay. What is important is to schedule it in and keep to that schedule faithfully.

When creating your schedule try and keep sufficient time to answer at least one or maybe two practice questions every day. It won’t take too much of your time but the practice will prove to be immensely valuable when the test day arrives.

You don’t have to sacrifice your summer break entirely. A couple of hours every day is enough to help you to be better prepares for the upcoming ACT and SAT.

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