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Here are some tips on how to write a persuasive essay for the ACT

How To Make a Persuasive Essay on the ACT

During high school, you’re probably most used to writing an essay to prove a fact. You’ve probably written some though that focused on your opinion. That’s what the ACT looks for. They provide you with an essay topic where you have to write on your opinion and work on persuading the reader to see it …
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How To Save Money on the ACT and SAT

Between taking the SAT or ACT (or both) and preparing for them, you may be worried about the cost. Currently, the SAT without an essay is $47.50 and with the essay is $64.50. The ACT is $50.50 without the essay and $67 with the writing section. On top of these costs, prep classes and tutors …
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Calculator Tips for the SAT Math Section

You should never attempt to take the SAT without a calculator, but not any old calculator will do. There are some tips and things you should keep in mind when preparing for the exam (and on the test date). Here are some calculator tips to remember for the SAT: Bring The Right Calculator Bringing the …
Prep for the ACT science section with these tips.

How to Prep For ACT Science If It’s Not Your Favorite Subject

Whether you just don’t enjoy science or it’s not your best subject, you may be dreading the science section on the ACT. However, if you’re taking this exam, you still need to prepare for this subject. Here are ways you can prep for some ACT science questions even if it’s not your favorite class. Practice …
Balancing your academics and social life with test prep can be difficult.

How to Balance Test Prep With Regular School and Activities

Given how much hype the ACT and SAT get, it can sometimes feel like entrance exams are the Biggest Deal when it comes to college prep. Some students put so much effort and focus into prepping for the ACT/SAT that they let regular school fall by the wayside. The thing is, you need start balancing …
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Alternatives To The ACT And SAT Tests

The ACT and SAT have long been the benchmark for college entrance exams. However, there are some who believe these standardized tests can’t fully measure a student’s academic capabilities, and some students simply do not test well. Thankfully, there are some alternatives available to the ACT and SAT exams for those who prefer to try …

The SAT Subject Tests Explained

The SAT is one of the most well-known, and perhaps one of the most dreaded, college admissions tests. A little less infamous are the SAT Subject Tests, previously called the “Scholastic Achievement Tests” or SAT II. Some colleges, especially Ivy League and other selective institutes, require or recommend that you take SAT Subject tests, especially …

ACT / SAT Tips for Students Who Don’t Test Well

If you’re nervous or unsure of yourself when it comes to the ACT or SAT, you’re not alone. Many students don’t test well, but, for most, one of these standardized tests is required for college admission so it’s something high school juniors and seniors can’t avoid. These tips can help you better prepare for your …

How To Study for ACT/SAT Math You Haven’t Covered in Class

It’s entirely possible there may be questions in the ACT or SAT math sections that you have no idea how to do. Many students don’t take geometry or trigonometry until their senior year, so this is a common issue. However, there are ways to prepare yourself for the math sections. Here are three ways to …