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Myth: SAT Math is Harder than ACT Math

There’s an ongoing idea that the SAT is the more difficult of the two entrance exams. A tangential myth is that SAT math is harder than ACT math. However, like the parent myth, the difficulty will entirely depend on the students themselves. The Differences in SAT and ACT Math First off, let’s highlight the differences …
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3 Tips for the SAT Essay Section

Did you opt in to the Essay portion of the SAT? It can be helpful knowing some tips as you head into this optional part of the exam, especially if others in your study group declined to take it. Here are three things to remember on your test date: Don’t Ignore Proper Essay Format Just …
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SAT Subject Tests: World History

Are you a history buff? If you can’t get enough of world history, are planning to major or minor in History, or just want to show off your skill in the subject, the SAT Subject Test in World History can give you that opportunity. Here’s a breakdown of what the exam is like. World History …
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7 Tips for Tackling the ACT Essay Section

During the ACT’s 40-minute optional writing test, you’ll have to create a persuasive essay from a prompt. Some college require the ACT with Writing, others don’t—but it’s still a good idea to take it anyway. That being said, the essay portion makes many students nervous. Let’s ease some of those nerves right here and now …
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FAQ About the SAT Subject Tests

Many students, while they’ve heard of the ACT or SAT, have never heard of SAT Subject Tests. Therefore, there are many questions high school juniors and seniors will have about these exams. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding the Subject Tests: What Are the SAT Subject Tests For? The SAT Subject …
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SAT Subject Tests: Languages

Are you fluent in another language? Maybe even two? Impress your future school by taking one of the SAT Subject Tests dedicated to a language. The tests are available in a variety of different languages. Here’s what you need to know about the available exams. Languages Overview The SAT Subject Tests in Languages has 12 …
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SAT Subject Tests: Physics

You’ve taken (or will take) the SAT or ACT, but have you considered the benefits of the SAT Subject Tests? If you have a strong background in physics and are wishing to pursue a career in this science field, you can give your college applications a strong boost with the Physics test. Here’s a rundown …
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SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 2

If you’re interested in a particular subject and want to let your school know about your passion for it and your knowledge of the subject itself, SAT Subject Tests are a great way to do just that. In this previous article, we covered Mathematics Level 1, but here’s what you can expect from Level 2. …
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SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry

Have you heard of the SAT Subject Tests? They’re excellent opportunities for students to show off their academic skills in a certain area. The tests are additional (optional) standardized exams that focus in on one subject, unlike the SAT which covers broader topics. Chemistry Test Overview Chemistry is a wide-reaching field with dozens of branching …