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SAT Subject Tests: Languages

There are SAT subject tests dedicated to many different languages ACT & SAT
Are you fluent in another language? Maybe even two? Impress your future school by taking one of the SAT Subject Tests dedicated to a language. The tests are available in a variety of different languages. Here’s what you need to know about the available exams. Languages Overview The SAT Subject Tests in Languages has 12 …
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SAT Subject Tests: Physics

Portrait of gold Christmas balls. ACT & SAT
You’ve taken (or will take) the SAT or ACT, but have you considered the benefits of the SAT Subject Tests? If you have a strong background in physics and are wishing to pursue a career in this science field, you can give your college applications a strong boost with the Physics test. Here’s a rundown …
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SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 2

Casio calculator placed over a math book and notes. ACT & SAT
If you’re interested in a particular subject and want to let your school know about your passion for it and your knowledge of the subject itself, SAT Subject Tests are a great way to do just that. In this previous article, we covered Mathematics Level 1, but here’s what you can expect from Level 2. …
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SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry

Tube apparatus with colored water placed over a water test chart. ACT & SAT
Have you heard of the SAT Subject Tests? They’re excellent opportunities for students to show off their academic skills in a certain area. The tests are additional (optional) standardized exams that focus in on one subject, unlike the SAT which covers broader topics. Chemistry Test Overview Chemistry is a wide-reaching field with dozens of branching …
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SAT Subject Tests: US History

Equestrian statue of George Washington - Boston Public Garden. ACT & SAT
Why be standard when you can excel? That’s the concept behind the SAT Subject Tests. Beyond the regular exam, the subject tests allow students to show off their academic prowess with specific subjects. It’s a great way to earn bonus points on your college applications, and potentially boost your acceptance odds to the schools you’re …
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SAT Subject Tests: Biology E / M

Going above and beyond the standard is a sure-fire way to earn extra kudos on your college application. One way to do that is by taking an SAT Subject Test. These bonus standardized tests not only show your dedication to academics, but allows you to highlight your passion and skill in a certain area. Biology …
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Why You Shouldn’t Take Both the ACT and SAT

An empty classroom filled with desks and chairs. ACT & SAT
It’s often suggested that you should take both tests to see if you do better on one than the other, but this isn’t the rule of thumb for everyone. In fact, taking both may be detrimental to your scores. Here’s why taking both the ACT and SAT may not be the best decision for you. …
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SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 1

A student answers a math equation on the board. ACT & SAT
One fantastic way to give your college app a boost is by taking an SAT Subject Test. These additional tests highlight academic skills in certain areas that the standard SAT test can’t show. There are two Mathematics subject tests—Level 1 and 2. Let’s talk about the former. Mathematics Level 1 Overview Level 1 primarily focuses …
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SAT Subject Tests: Literature

Beyond the standard SAT are the SAT Subject Tests. These additional multiple-choice exams highlight a students skill and knowledge in specific areas. There are 22 tests total, spanning across multiple subjects. When it comes to English, there’s only one test—Literature. Literature Overview It’s all in the name. The Literature Subject Test allows the student to …
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A Breakdown of the Different College Entrance Exams

A calculator laying on top of a textbook. ACT & SAT
Getting into college isn’t as easy as submitting your high school transcript and writing a few essays. One very important element to a college application are college entrance exams and your scores. The most well-known college entrance exams, of course, are the ACT and SAT, but let’s break down the others as well. PSAT / …
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